Monday, March 30, 2015

Fatah is the Problem

The problem with the Two State solution is that Israel is the only state involved. The others side consists of three elements. Many innocent people who recognized the good in Israel, many people who want Israel to be punished despite the many benefits Israel has handed them, and both of those groups being led by a horde of men of bloodshed and deceit, empowered by the Oslo Accords to keep their Iron grip over their people. The end result is, there is no way for a Two State solution that leads to peace. But there is an alternative.

Recently, Palestinian Authority leader Abbas called for the destruction of Hamas. Begged Arab states to attack Hamas. After all, Hamas crossed a line, they did not do as Fatah demanded. It was not to battle terror that he stated this. They got in his way and they had to die. That's how his mentor Arafat would have handled it, and that is what he demanded in his speech and put into his foreign policy against... his unity government partner? It was Abbas who wanted a unity government with Hamas. He worked hard for a peace deal with Hamas. But now they've gone too far and they must go.

If we apply logic, no offense to any lingering Oslo Accord proponents who are unable to use logic.  But if we do use that logic stuff, we come to a worrisome conclusion. If Fatah would not hesitate to betray their word to their brethren whom they chose over Israel, why would they keep a treaty with Israel?

Fatah are leaders willing to make a peace deal. And they are also leaders who desire that their enemies whom they made a treaty with should die the moment they do not continue to get their way.

So that makes Fatah not candidates to become men of peace, nor potential peace partners. That makes them men of bloodshed in sheep's clothing.

If they would do this to their brethren in Gaza, obviously no one is sacrosanct from their potential treachery.

Tell your congressmen. WARNING: This is how Fatah treats people they make peace deals with.

The moment Arafat called the path to "peace" a "strategic choice for peace", I knew something was up. But what does Arafat have to do with Abbas? Arafat was an arch terrorist, Abbas is a man who "we can make a deal with."

What does it take to be wed to a murderer? What does it take to be the most trusted assistant to an arch terrorist? A gang leader's wife may not have as much blood on her hands, but would you trust your kids to her if she offered to babysit?  That is by a woman with an innate extra dose of kindness.  What of by a man who was mentored by an arch terrorist? Who uses the same disregard of life when he does not get his way?

That is what every proponent of a peace deal with Fatah is suggesting. Trust Abbas and his cronies with your back? Do you really think this is a path to true peace or only to perpetual conflict?

And Abbas is just the figurehead. Another variation of the same terrorist in politician clothing would take his place if this head of the hydra was gone.  Therefore, do not make a deal with the hydra at all.

The few successes of political leadership in Judea and Samaria (The West Bank) by Fatah were actually performed by the local leadership, which existed prior to the Oslo Accords. The local mayors and township leaders are the true leaders of the Palestinian Arabs in the territories, but they will never be allowed to truly lead their people to maximum social improvement, unless Israel annexes the territories and enables them with true democratic freedom. The only way to bring that level of governance is to stop trapping them behind a fence with a bunch of terrorist bullies who always put their agenda of bloodshed before civil and social services. 

Hamas is Fatah without the act, without the sheep's clothing.  The Fatah is Hamas with political spin. Hamas is the stick, Fatah is the carrot. The goal is only Jihad not the betterment of their people. The conquest of all land West of the River Jordan, without real concern over what happens to their people after their benefactors in Israel are gone.

But their people know. There have been reports of a dual sentiment among individuals who were interviewed. They want the PA to take over, yet they also want to be a part of Israel.  Why is that phenomena occurring?

Innocent Palestinians Arabs in the territories want the PA to be successful but mainly for sentimental reasons. Like someone voting for a person of their race who runs for political office, even if they do not like their policies.  The media does not report there is palatable fear in Arabs of the territories in their daily existence under Fatah rule and also over what happens the day after a potential Israeli withdrawal. On such a day, when the only government that truly is concerned for their social welfare, Israel, is no longer part of the picture. 

Palestinian Arabs are keeping their heads low and trying to stay out of the way of the Palestinian Authority. They turn to their local leaders and hope they need not rely on the corrupt and vindictive national leadership of Fatah's Palestinian Authority.

Why are Arabs still leaving the Palestinian Authority for places like the USA? While exact figures are unknown since the PA conveniently controls the release of that information, even they have admitted that it exists. It is too large of an emigration to pretend it is not occurring at all. But wait, haven't we been told that their independence is more important to them than life itself?  Why not participate in the "political messianic project" of Palestinian Authority leadership if independence is so important?

Because the Oslo Accords are not about helping Palestinian Arabs, or bringing them peace, or even true independence. It's about making the West feel better with themselves and about how they view the state of the World today. Not what happens a few years or months down the road after the big "Peace in Our Time" festival would be held. For such a fake peace, we do not establish a prelude to perpetual war and a purgatory for a people that no one among their own national leaders really wants to save.

Remove the Palestinian Authority from power. Annex the territories and naturalize those who are innocent of terror.

For Israel there exists in this phenomena a double edged sword. Over 40 percent of the people want the Palestinian Authority to be dissolved, and more than that seem OK with violence against Israel. As I warned years ago, the marginalization of the good people among the Palestinian Arabs has eroded the amount of Palestinians who would be eligible to become Israeli citizens should a One State solution occur.

In order to save as many Palestinian Arabs as possible, as well as vindicate Israeli intentions towards them, Israel must trade the two state path for a one state path, and soon. Lest a regional war make this matter mute, and the opportunity for the Sanctification of God's name in this matter, God forbid, be lost.

Let us show mercy on the Palestinian Arabs who are living in fear and discontent under terrorist leadership by allowing them into the fold of the united State of Israel. Only in a way that does not harm Israeli economy, infrastructure or political balance, such as with a plan like the Everyone Wins Peace Plan. May it soon be so, by the grace of God.

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A Summary of the Everyone Wins Peace Plan can be found at theses URLs:

July 2009 Summary Letter to PM Netanyahu


in the vanguard said...

This article makes for realistic perspective, where reality is based on the natural conglomerate of events - as defined by Nature. That is, it includes clear rationale, correct facts and a good grasp of politics. Where it fails is from the Torah perspective, failing to take into account divine accounting and the Messianic era we are at the brink of. As such (at the risk of appearing "radical" according to the first perspective) there is no point even discussing a "two-state" solution inasmuch as Jews got their Holy Land through divine benevolence and, therefore, as the Lubavitcher Rebbe stated, not one inch of land is to be returned or even talked about, for that is nothing but showing ungratefulness to the gift Hashem gave His Jewish nation.

Prof. Alan Friedlander said...

We must all do our part until the coming of Moshiach,
at which time it will become obvious which policies are the best policies.

The Torah command "Al taamod al dam reayecha, do not stand idly by the blood of your fellow,"
motivates me to not wait until moshiach comes to oppose wrong policy
nor fail to suggest better alternatives to do so.

I try to make Heaven proud of me while in the process of trying not to forget the needs of my fellow.
May the holy Torah continue to inspire my writings so that I do not mislead anyone to the right or to the left.