Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Different State of Mind: Let True Peace Be Your Objective

What can one make of the public statements of the leaders of Israel and America in recent weeks supporting a Two State Solution in the unofficially annexed Israeli territory issue? Solution to what? If true peace is the goal, then how can a Two State path be any sort of road to a fair and lasting solution?

"I, like Rahm Emmanuel, come from a family of Etzel fighters whose symbol was a map of the land of Israel on both sides of the Jordan river. I was taught that the Jewish people have a historic, national, religious and legal right to all the land. "To this day, I believe in the right of the Jewish people to the entire land. I feel a deep, undying connection to the ancient land of Israel - Judea and Samaria - to places I was taken to as a girl after the Six Day War when we thought Jews and Arabs could live together in harmony between the River Jordan and the sea. I share and respect this sense of justice in our claim to the land. But my objective is different," Livni explained. (Jerusalem Post: Kadima party leader Tzipi Livni, May 4, 2009)

We see from Tzipi's statement that she truly believes, as I do, that under International Law all disputed territories in Israel are Israel's by way of a defacto annexation. Implicitly, then, it is only because Israel has been trying to give parts of it away that this whole "dispute" even exists. Only because a significant percentage of Israelis wish to continue the fantasy of a Palestinian state being a boon for peace does the entire concept continue as foreign policy.

The current path of the government of Israel would seem to be one of attempting to enter an aberrant state of mind hoping to enable dreams of things that cannot possibly be. Thereby they forsake the one thing that absolutely must be, true peace. In the ideologically bold, but still inexperienced President Obama, Israel's leaders have found someone who is willing to suspend his sense of political realism and embrace the blatantly unrealistic Israeli leftist dream of an independent Palestinian State and run with that as the foreign policy of the USA.

This erroneous path by the Obama Administration is a reactionary one that was made in the wake of statements that have come from Israel's leadership in the recent times. I do not believe it an attempt to force anything on Israel as some on the far right have claimed. The recent statements coming out of Washington are positions stated in Israel by parties like Labor and Kadima. They were not stated by Washington until the Netanyahu Administration publicly went along with it.

Tzipi Livni now represents the opposition forces from the Israeli political Left, and she apparently agrees entirely with my analysis of International Law, yet she proposes an alternate objective. Her current goal, apparently as well as the Netanyahu Administration's current I-don't-care-about-anything-but-stopping-Iran Policy is to offer up the unrealistic and false hope of peace with a Hamas-infected Palestinian government.

It's like demanding of a fire to only swallow up half of your home. Talmudic and International laws, however, call for something a tad more reality based. Such as: Put out the fire or flee from it! Do not depend on miracles.

President Obama's campaign spoke of Hope. Let that Hope be a true thing to believe in and live by, not a false path that ends in yet more needless bloodshed, when we need only will ourselves toward true peace in order to obtain it.

Israel has the legal right to end and disband the Palestinian Authority immediately and begin the integration of non-violent sectors of the Palestinian people into the State of Israel. Applicants for naturalization will be accepted or rejected not on how they entered this world, but on whether they choose to live and let live in it.

Jews and Arabs are already living in harmony. On the other side of the "Green Line". If you move that Green Line to encompass all peoples West of the River Jordan, then peace and harmony will encompass everyone.

Everyone's goal has to be peace! And the vehicle to get us there must no longer ignore the facts!

Jews and Arabs do get along when they are in a true democracy (see USA and Israel as examples). The Palestinian Authority is terminally bloodthirsty and corrupt. The Holy Land legally belongs to Israel if she will only dare to believe it.

To achieve reality based hope, we must enter a different state of mind.

We must let true peace be our objective. By the grace of God, soon we shall.

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