Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PM's Plan Less Than Ideal In Its Current Form

Perhaps I am understating the intensity of my objection to his current plan, but presumably Prime Minister Netanyahu intends to elucidate further details of his plan, assuming the Palestinian leadership even comes to the table. Still I do not wish to remain silent when perhaps my inaction could contribute to the evil that could come should the plan be implemented in its current form due to the diminishment of IDF authority in keeping the peace.

To illustrate a main issue that needs some editing, let's imagine if the plan in its current apparent form were implemented completely...

The Israeli press celebrates, a new day has dawned now that the Palestinians have signed away the right to complain about further land concessions.

Then the mayor of (a small town in the West Bank) objects to the Palestinian Authority's renunciation of rights to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and he leads an open rebellion against Israel, encouraging terrorist groups to use his town as a safe haven. The PA police claim they do not have strong enough weapons to put down the violence. The Israeli Defense Ministry claims that the PA does have enough weapons. After the violence escalates, the Israeli government authorizes military action. Several Arab states protest Israel's attack on the "defenseless (by law) Palestinians civilians". (Since the PM's plan calls for a demilitarized PA, technically, all West Bank Palestinians would remain civilians, whether or not they are part of an authorized militia.) Resolutions are brought forth at the United Nations and pass against the aggressive Israeli ("over")reaction.

Problem: Now, as a full fledged state, Palestinians have FULL member status and rights in the U.N.

Arabs states feel more empowered to act against Israel militarily in order to "enforce the law".

Result: The threat of war is increased, if not guaranteed by implementation of the PM's plan in its current form.

This is just one potential work-around by foes of Israel to such a shared security plan. The only solution can be one in which the IDF retains absolute authority and at the same time the concept of Palestinian terrorists being "defenseless civilians" rather than the worst of criminals, is completely removed from the table.

The Everyone Wins peace plan, for example, is consistent with such an ideal resolution. So this aspect of the PM's plan still needs some editing before being used in actual practice.

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