Thursday, March 17, 2011

Itamar Massacre A Wakeup Call

I was too emotional from the massacre in Itamar to comment before now. PM Netanyahu said everything right in his interview following the barbaric slaying of most of the Fogel family in their sleep in the town of Itamar. But speech is only one of four things that need be done by political leadership in Israel. 

At the physical level a manhunt for the terrorists, and a change of policy to something more in line with improved security. Turning to God is also a good idea that everyone can do.  A little soul searching at a personal level to increase the spiritual security of the people is always a good thing after traumatic calamities such as these.  This restores an inner sense of security that such woeful events seek to remove from the hearts of all who hear of it, in addition to the grace from Heaven that it may bring in its wake.

Finally, a change of policy from one that trusts the PA to secure peace to one that entrusts the IDF to do so, is a healthier form of national security than current policy.  Yes, the Prime Minister correctly labeled the Palestinian Authority as inciters of hate and violence.  But the Prime Minister did not mention that his administration's current policy is to trust "our backs" to the PA and those that they incite.  "Our backs" in this case, are the throats that were slit and the chests that were stabbed and the pure hearts that were stilled.  "Trust" is the "Security Fence/Wall" that was not built around Itamar.  "Trust" is in the continued tolerance of PA abuse of media as a tool for hate, calling for international pressure against the PA, rather than calling for Knesset legislative action against the PA.

The Prime Minister's speech felt right, at the time.  But there is a need for his overall policy to begin to feel more right as well.  May it soon be so, by the grace of God.

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