Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tell the Quartet: The Oslo Accords are Over

The Quartet of nations have given Israel and the Palestinian Authority two months from the time that they renew talks (which began two weeks ago) to report on agreed borders. Rather than continue with wistful dreams of everybody sharing the land as two separate countries, Israel needs to face the reality that the Palestinian Authority is a failed enterprise in governorship whose allegiance to terror trumps any indicated leanings toward democratization.  Israel must re-accept responsibility of it's legal possession of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and begin to form new policy from there.

According to the Knesset's website, the Oslo Accords:
"main concern was on Israeli withdrawal from the territories of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip, in order to allow the establishment of a Palestinian Authority for self-government for an interim period until permanent arrangements would be established."

Well Israel has certainly tried that.

In six weeks from today, does anyone believe that Israel will be in a position to demarcate permanent borders with the Hamas loving Palestinian Authority? There are too many daggers up their sleeves to expect that any time soon.  In the exact opposite extreme of what the Oslo architects expected and intended, the more that the Palestinian Authority is given, the more bloodthirsty and terror loving it becomes.

If Israel's government arrogantly agrees to borders with the Palestinian Authority despite the known impending terror that such an act would strengthen, then they would be abandoning their responsibility to the well being of their own people.

If Israel
's government cruelly abandons helpless Arab refugees to a fledgling terrorist government, they should not feel morally superior that they benefited the Palestinian People, even if that is what that people and the U.N seem to be asking for.  It is not mercy to feed the urge of someone addicted to poison. Nor is there moral justification if someone told you to administer the poison.  Neither is it peace to give territory with the intention that at least we can use full scale war against them if they keep attacking us.

Israel must know that under International Law, Israel is NOT required to heed the whims of the Quartet that would lead to such travesties of justice and certain violence. 

Israel's current policy of attempting to honor the ghostlike remnants of the Oslo Accords is the very cause of the U.N. continuing to badger Israel over settlements.  You are guilty in their eyes only because you listened to them, which means you admitted that they were right.

Israel must respectfully and patiently reeducate the Quartet as to the true intention of International Law, and clarify misunderstandings that have arisen over U.N. Resolution 242 since the implementation of the Oslo Accords.

Respectfully and patiently reeducate, without raising a voice in anger.  Though perhaps tough words are justified for a people waiting almost 2000 years to be treated fairly, it is best to not seem like extremists.  Nor to flatter the wicked, Heaven forbid.  Rather be respectful and patient as per the way of diplomacy as first taught by King Solomon in first verse of the fifteenth chapter of the book of Proverbs: "A gentle answer removes wrath, but an infuriating word raises anger."

Remind the Quartet of the goal and the means to the establishment of true and lasting peace.  May it soon be so, by the grace of God. 

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