Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ending the Demographic Nightmare

A chief concern of those who refuse to accept the most obvious solution to the Palestinian issue, that of full Israeli annexation of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, is the question of demographics.  No friend of Israel wishes it to endanger itself by disproportionately increasing Arabic power in the state of Israel.  Therefore a peace plan would require two things, that annexation allows expansion of IDF control while simultaneously furthering the preservation of current political power levels of both Jews and Arabs in the State of Israel.

The key is keeping things proportional.  If current demographics are maintained by adding an equal amount of Jews from outside the Green Line, then the current levels are not at risk. Pretty simple.  Yet if you take out all Arabs with terrorist leanings, you'll still have more Arabs than Jews currently living outside the Green Line.

That why there is a need to tie the naturalization rate of Green Line Arabs to the immigration rate of foreign born Jews, as I stated previously.

Next comes the most important part, placing in a bureaucratic filter to weed out terrorist from naturalization candidates.  But just as a credit card company can figure out who to trust with a credit card, similarly there is a way to get past that hurdle as well in the security field.  Just as one with bad credit can build their credit back to good, one with an anti Israel past can regain lost trust, if they are sincere and patient.

The key is this, everyone gets to keep their homes.  Both Jews and Arabs.  Only enemies of the state must leave.  So this gives this plan an advantage other plans cannot compete with, as no other plan allows retention of societal norms as does this one.  That is why I named it the Everyone Wins peace plan. But it's decidedly more important that everyone actually wins, that true peace be given a chance to flourish, than this plan be called by my name for it.  So rename it if you will, but I challenge anyone to come up with another plan better than this that does not require war to get us there.

The government has known about this plan for a few years now, let's hope it finally gets the serious review by the government that it deserves.  May it soon be so, by the grace of G-d.

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