Monday, September 16, 2013

Palestinian Authority Unable to Govern

The PA is unable to protect the citizens of Israel from past, present or future terror groups. In fact the Olso Accords were not based on security concerns at all, as Rabin and Beilin never consulted with security or intelligence officials over the Oslo Accords.  I am not just blaming the Palestinian Arabs for this.  A systemic flaw exists that precludes the possibility of reliance upon the pseudo government formed by the Oslo Accords. For the rule of law to exist, the Knesset must work toward a united state of Israel that includes the territories.

Ninety five percent of PA employees are currently on strike. There is no mandate with only 5 percent of their own population supporting them.  The Palestinian Arabs are also eager for social and political change, not just economic improvement. They do not want their leaders.  When you combine the unpopular character of Fatah and Hamas and the lack of support of third party candidates, you get the impression that perhaps the PA elections are being delayed until a fix can be put in to continue Fatah or Hamas advantage. Why did Hamas take over Gaza?  Because when you are not allowed to vote for a better government, sometimes you vote for any kind of change, which unfortunately, turned Gaza into a fledgling terrorist state, though not officially under International Law.  A third way party movement would already have taken steam under a society under such discontent, if it were truly allowed to.  No political safeguards were another flaw with the Oslo Accords.

Even now, Israel could retake Gaza for the sake of the peace of Arabs and Israelis alike and justify it under International Law.  Which means that certainly, to merely transfer governance from the PA to the Knesset in Judea and Samaria, while allowing local and municipal continuity in Arab leadership, would be more than legal, but actually the most practical solution available. On that day, most governments that support a Palestinian State would sigh in relief behind closed doors even as they undoubtedly would protest openly that there will not be any new terrorist states in the Middle East. However, when you present many of those disenchanted Palestinian Arabs as the very advocates before the world of a united state of Israel, the teeth will be removed from the bite of the critics against Israeli annexation.

No PR (hasbara) nightmares on that road.  No more Roadmap to Peace nightmares of terror either.

The long delayed PA elections happen less often than regimes are changed in the Middle East today.

It is not for security that Israel and the West continue to support the Oslo Accords. It is not for democracy that Israel and the West continue to support the Oslo Accords.

Can someone remind me why we are waiting for this terrorist government to reform? Regime change via annexation by Israel and naturalization into Israel continues to seem to be the best viable option available.

It is not for peace that Israel and the West continue to support the Oslo Accords. Not real peace anyway.  May that realization soon become understood by all friends of peace and justice, by the grace of G-d.

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