Monday, December 16, 2013

Terrorists Must Be Brought To Justice

You cannot make peace with people dedicated to terror, you must bring them to justice. You can only make peace with those fit to govern their own people, and unlikely to become a danger to their neighboring peoples.  Do we agree on this?

Hamas is a rabid dog champing at the bit to attack the first innocent it can find.  Fatah is a rabid dog that learned a few tricks, such as diplomacy.  But remember Arafat's description of the peace process, repeated a hundred times by Abbas, "A Strategic choice for peace." Not a dedication to peace, not a path of peace, not even an experiment for peace. A war time strategy.

To even entertain the idea of a treaty with the PA is a sick joke, not a foreign policy. OK, I take that back, it is a policy foreign to the Torah way, or any common sense.  The current US/Kerry initiative is not based on common sense, but on broader strategic considerations.  ...Interesting how that strategy word keeps coming up... An initiative based on a philosophy with no historic support, but that made sense when it was thought up while high and listening to songs about peace. The Kerry initiative calls for risking friends to make friends out of enemies. Which means it is a dangerous path for not just Israel, but also the USA, NATO and the entire Western alliance.

The Netanyahu Administration must not go into the light that Kerry is so excited about, but rather follow the light that was given at Sinai, and "Choose Life."  May it soon be so, by the grace of God.

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