Friday, June 20, 2014

Kulam Marvichim - Everyone Wins

God blessed me to compose the Everyone Wins Peace plan 6 years ago. With the impasse due to the Fatah-Hamas alliance, I thought it appropriate to restate the best alternative to the diplomatic initiatives that brought us to this stalemate. How do you avoid a stalemate when negotiating with terrorists and their sympathizers?

The "Everyone Wins" Peace Plan requires the tying of West Bank/Gaza Arabic naturalization rates to the immigration rates of foreign born Jews. Whereas previous one state solutions called for relocating masses of people, this plan calls for no segregation whatsoever. Nobody has to give up their homes, neither Jews nor Arabs. Palestinians slowly but surely become complete Israelis without overwhelming the Israeli economy and infrastructure.

That means democracy without tyrannical leaders for the Arabs. Improved economic opportunity for Arabs without the need for any new infrastructure to power it.  And, of course, peace for Israel.

To get there we need to stop trying to negotiate with terrorists in an effort to abandon the land that God gave us. What's so terrible about that?

Unilateralism such as this would bypass most multilateral negotiations, true. But isn't that the same thing that occurs when you buy your friend a present? If the gift is a good thing, does the friend hold it against you that he had no choice in the matter? That's the whole point of a surprise present isn't it? 

Whereas trying to force a wolf into a sheepskin is risking real human lives for a plan that cannot succeed. Oslo, the Quartet, Labor, Kadima, Likud have all followed that path to no avail.

Dedicating policy towards multilateral-ism at all costs, brings high cost in it's wake. Focusing on the goals of true peace and justice for all is the path to true peace. You can't do that with terrorists, but you can do that with people.

May it soon be so, by the grace of God.

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