Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stop the Cycle of Violence

Peacemaking with unrepentant terrorists is a prelude for more terror in the future. The goal of Hamas is not peace, despite what those who would speak for them are trying to sell. Therefore what happens when you strengthen a Hamas run enclave is you are strengthening a mass network of terror cells, conveniently disconnected from their political wing, enough to fool only diplomats from the UN who are trained to ignore reality within countries for the sake of "world peace", but not enough to convince anyone else, not even children.

Every time the IDF withdraws from conflict with Hamas rather than simply ending their reign, it is like a request for more violence in the future. The ending of Hamas' rule can be done without the violence you may think it would take. If negotiations of IDF supremacy in all land West of the River Jordan would replace further capitulation to terror. If against those who would offer armed resistance, patient siege of targeted structures replaces bullets from Gun Ships.

You can't make peace with a lynch mob by giving them rope, and yet that is what what is being done every time someone tries to resurrect the ghost of the Oslo Accords. To empower a leadership that believe that civilians are legitimate targets, to give firewood to pyromaniacs and guns to terrorists. Would you give firewood and matches to a pyro? Then why give strategic land and guns to terrorists?

When you dilute truth, justice and peace for the sake of pacifying other nations, does that help you keep your people safe from terror? To reverse the trend, the Knesset would have to look truly at the situation, pursue justice and only then could peace flourish, as it is written, "These are the matters that you shall do, speak truth each man with his fellow and a judgement of peace you shall judge in your gates. And let man not plan evil in your hearts against your fellow, and a false oath do not love, for all of these I hate, saith the Lord." (Zachariah 8:15 & 16)  "...And a false oath do not love..." That is what the Oslo Accords have become, a nullified treaty now yes, but wrong minded from the start, based on not seeing Hamas for who and what they truly are and the inherent inability for Fatah to permanently part ways with terror. Therefore from the start it was always a false oath on the PLO's side for they knew what they planned to do and not do. An accord that in it's wake dropped two decades of terror on the nation.

Apparently, ignoring the Word of God is a source of bad luck, especially in the Holy Land.

Does the Knesset still want to keep that status quo going?  May it soon awake from that nightmare as soon as possible, in a good way, by the grace of God.

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