Thursday, December 28, 2017

Jerusalem Defender Ten Year Anniversary

Today is the Tenth of Teves, the Jewish fast day commemorating the siege of Jerusalem thousands of years ago. This blog was founded ten years ago to help in anyway possible to help prevent another assault on Jerusalem, only this time with our own consent. God blessed this good intention and this effort to the point that little did I suspect but just 6 months later, in writing to this blog, God inspired me to compose the Everyone Wins Peace Plan.

Everyone Wins is based on these core concepts:
  1. A good peace is good for all good people. 
  2. Peace does not wait for war to reset the playing field. Peace prevents war. 
  3. What terrorists want is not equal to what good people want.
  4. Terrorists are anti-ethical to civilization. No peace that makes sanctuary for them in strategic points of a nation's heartland has any real expectation to achieve lasting peace.
  5. Only a plan that can fit into the prophecies of the messianic age can possibly have a real chance of success. A plan that, for example, would try to divide the very place that the seal of world peace, the Holy Temple is, could not possibly be effective. This emanates from a pragmatic attitude of God being real and Scripture being the best intel one could hope for. It is guaranteed to be so.
  6. Ten years ago, Jordan is Palestine was a known peace plan that fit this bill at the time, but it put the power to fulfill it, in the hands of a foreign government.  The Kingdom of Jordan would have to agree.  This makes it implausible. Therefore another peace plan that retains Jerusalem was needed. One that allowed for unilateral implementation.
  7. More so, Abraham, the forefather of Jews and Arabs, did not rejoice at the destruction of the wicked cities in the vicinity of Sodom. He prayed for them to be saved if there are righteous among them. Thus there is no religious imperative to treat innocent Arabs as one would terrorists. Why should they be made homeless?
  8. So another method was needed. A plan that retains the land needed for the prophecies of world peace to occur, merciful towards enemies, but strong against terrorists. Someone who understands these factors should write a plan to deal with this. Also I am among the few who write on these matters publicly, who attempt to adhere to the Torah from Sinai completely.  The Torah that commands, “Do not stand still by the blood of your fellow (i.e. do not do nothing when your fellow’s life is in danger.)” (Leviticus 19:16)  I felt I had no choice but to try.

    So I accepted the responsibility to be open to God's inspiration on where we should go to find peace based on all these factors. God blessed me to do so. But it remains His inspiration. It must be implemented by the government of the people of Israel. But at least it is on the table.
To date no plan has come out that equals Everyone Wins. But I have to admit that this must be from Heaven. Just as beautiful music can come to the world through a highly imperfect composer, this plan somehow came through me, for whatever reason. So I wanted just to say thanks to HaShem/God for helping me to be the first to write about it.

Give thanks to the Lord because He is good, for His kindness is eternal. ...To Him Who performs great wonders alone, for His kindness is eternal. (Psalm 136:1 & 4)

It seems to me that based on the trend from 3 USA administrations we have thus far shared since this blog began, and considering that the alternative plans offered by leading Israelis in the past 10 years have been inching closer toward our way of thinking, it seems that it is just a matter of time until the things we wrote about here in this blog regarding the Everyone Wins Peace Plan, will occur as the true and lasting peace that Israel and the world needs.  But I only continue to promote the Everyone Wins Peace Plan, because there is simply no plan it's equal. This is God's project and if a better plan would come along, I remain prepared to support that instead. But as of this writing there is no true competition.

Blessed is the Lord God, the God of Israel, Who performs wonders alone. And blessed is His glorious name forever, and His glory will fill the entire earth. Amen and amen. 
(Psalm 72:18 & 19)

The main thing is that true peace come. May true peace come swiftly in our days. May it soon be so, by the grace of God.

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