Saturday, June 14, 2008

Palestinian Leaders Indicate Trust in the IDF

As reported in yesterday’s edition of the Jewish Press (page 69, citing MAAN News), PA negotiator Qurei recently gave something of an historic revelation. He suggested that if things do not improve in the current Roadmap guided peace process, the Palestinian leadership may press for a single bi-national state. Back in 2004 he revealed his personal preference for this, but never before in the context as a spokesman for West Bank and Gaza Palestinian opinion at large. While the terrorist PA leaders mean this as a negative, as a threat to compel the Israelis to give up more than they are willing to, or to overwhelm the Israeli immigration infrastructure as in the underhanded and evil spirit of the Saudi Arabian “peace” plan, this statement does serve a good purpose, as far as fans of the Everyone Wins Peace Plan are concerned. It shows without a doubt that the idea of the IDF being the leading security force over Palestinians is not a real issue of contention. Palestinian Arabs, even the militants among them, do not consider a dominant IDF a negative in a future unified State of Israel. So for all those who were concerned for Palestinians not feeling oppressed following any peace deal, they need no longer worry that the Everyone Wins Peace Plan was over the top in suggesting that the Israel Defense Force be the supreme security force over the all Israeli citizens, even the newly immigrated West Bank and Gaza Palestinian Arabs. This Qurei statement implicitly tells us that Palestinian militants know that once they stop attacking Israelis, the IDF will not be used against them.

This Qurei statement also shows that this conflict is not about the giant oppressing the shepherd. It’s not about Israel violating Palestinian Human Rights every second. It’s about the cynical use of peace processes as a “strategic choice” (Arafat’s words). It’s about the gullibility of governments and news organizations, and a terrorist organization (PLO / PA) that knew how to play them in concert with a willing accomplice in the form of a UN instigating Arab League. The idea of this conflict being the fault of “both sides” is the biggest hoax in recent world history.

The PA card of terror as foreign policy has been revealed.

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