Friday, June 13, 2008

A United Jerusalem is the Only Chance for True Peace

The Roadmap to Peace is founded upon a fallacy. The UN initiative to seek a land for peace deal and settle the differences between Israelis and Palestinians by division of the Holy Land is at the heart of all the problems involved in making peace work. It is no wonder that most Israelis and Palestinian Arabs have
lost hope for current peace talks to be successful.

When forming a peace plan you cannot simply make a hodgepodge checklist of issues to cover in negotiations and then hope they will be somehow be achieved through mutual compromise by the parties involved here and there and along the way. You need to offer solutions that have the best chance to succeed, that take into account the highly improbable areas and treat them as non-options for inclusion. Every other peace plan that I have heard of, besides the Everyone Wins Peace Plan, requires the surrender of at least parts of Jerusalem by one side or the other. Everyone Wins rejects the concept of people leaving their homes, and says that everyone should share Jerusalem.

The first stage of Sharon/Kadima Party's support of the Roadmap has not only created a terror state in Gaza, but hundreds of families STILL remain homeless years later. The government is so busy fighting terror and negotiating down a path that leads nowhere, that it doesn't take the time or allocates the resources needed to help the citizens that they dispossessed of their land. The same mistakes are being repeated over and over. Rather than starting off on the right foot of humanitarianism, the governments of Israel and her friends allows it to take a back seat to politics. Isn't this how we got into this situation in the first place? The beginning of conflict is in the unjust application of dissatisfaction and disfranchisement. If Western governments value the right to vote everywhere the world over, then how can they value so much less the right to a roof over one's head?

The crisis for former Gazans is only getting worse, as time makes donors forget, even as the government still does not provide housing and jobs for the forcibly displaced and unemployed.

Some of the disturbing quotes of the homeless of Gaza upon receiving food for the Spring holidays from a charity drive by National Council of Young Israel and Mosdot Yad Ezra:

"Imagine opening the refrigerator and seeing it full," said one woman, "We were able to enjoy the true spirit of the holiday. It was the first time that we had to worry about having ample room in the freezer since the expulsion."

"All of a sudden we had food in the house," said one woman, "My children thought that my husband had finally been able to find a job."

"Someone from America cared," said a man from Nitzan, "It was almost as if people had forgotten about us."

"In the beginning everyone remembered - now only you," said one of the mothers whose family received food.

"We were always givers, not takers," said another man, "We didn't want to be in this situation - it wasn’t by choice."

"My husband died in 2004 in a terrorist attack," remarked one woman, "On behalf of myself and my seven children, thank you. May you always be able to be on the giving side and not on the receiving side."

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Good, innocent people, made homeless. For what!?! If only it were for peace, but history has shown it was in order to create a terrorist state and for our politicians to be self satisfied that they are "working for peace" even as they incidentally torture the innocent with their sick preoccupation with the fallacious Roadmap to Peace!!

The Roadmap seems to reject the hope of true peace and would seem to be a roadmap to a homelessness crisis and mass destitution of untold proportions. No true friend of Israel should support it even a moment longer!

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