Thursday, June 24, 2010

The PA's Lawlessness Is The Bane of Their People

One must aim for a moral ideal, to reach a pragmatic and lasting peace.

There is a difference between the moral responsibility of the individual and collective moral responsibility.

Individuals need to be willing to take personal responsibility to keep to societal norms.  Laws depend not only on societal based standards, but also upon the moral agency of individuals to exhibit a willingness to follow the law and not scoff at the law.

Collective moral responsibility demands that we pursue peace at the societal level.

To have a partner in peace you must have a co-practitioner of moral agency.  That is, your partners in peace must have a sense of objective morals or no peace is possible. The PA's "These are the rules: I get to win!" leaves little room for negotiation or hope that any peace deal would last long enough to even celebrate it. Like giving a schoolyard bully a loaded sub machine gun, no good can come of it. So too, efforts to pursue peace with unrepentant terrorists is in itself an abandonment of collective moral responsibility.

The suffering of a people and the perceived discontent of a people create a heavy burden to society's collective sense of moral responsibility.  The pain at not helping the underdog makes one willing to make extraordinary sacrifices for peace.  Yet to do that in a way that fuels terror, not only fails to meet that objective, it actually prevents true peace from planting roots and enduring.

Contrary to the myth, a discontented people is not the breeding ground for terror. The side that the terrorists are rebelling against are not automatically the aggressors. An individual terrorist is but the conveyor of terror, but a morally and ethically corrupt society is its factory. In this sense, the moral vacuum within the terror cell creates the burden upon their own society, forcing reprisals against the entirety of their people, that they may bear the price for the worship of terror by those citizens, now terrorists, in the terror cell.  The group think of the terror cell corrupts utterly, all involved, all the way down to each terrorist at the individual level. Consequently, the leader of the terror cell is not the main evil, but each terrorist member of the cell is a corrupting force on the national moral fiber.

That means that when we feel the pain of a terroristic society, the phenomenon is not mere reaction to propaganda. We are experiencing a mass sensation of the real symptom, but not the true cause, of the discontent.  The actual cause of the discontent is the lack of morals of individual terrorists and also at the group level within those isolated terror cells. The PA has made it their business to place this moral vacuum at the political level of their nation's leadership, who brazenly attempt to fuel more and more violence and discontent. The PA leaders are terrorists in diplomatic clothing.

Yet we perceive the entire society in utter chaos and hopelessness due to the "giant" who rules over the afflicted people, even as the "afflicted" Palestinian Arabs work in the State of Israel and return to their modern apartments, to shopping centers full of multifarious foods and goods to choose from.

Until the alcoholic realizes that his best friend is not alcohol, he has no hope for a cure. Until the Palestinian leadership seek civilization building over winning their every desire by hook or by crook, their people's hopes will forever be dashed.

The PA's lawlessness is the bane of their people.  Weed out the corruption and blood lust by removing the PA from office, and you give peace a chance to take hold in the Middle East, by the grace of God.

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