Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Two State Solution Is Insane

President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu were previously faulted by me with regard to their continuing to follow a two state solution when it is clear to everyone who is not a politician and cares about the security of the State of Israel, that partnering with a pro-terrorist Palestinian Authority cannot possibly bring peace. And their recent interview together, with continued support for a two state solution that can only bring more misery to everybody involved, vexed me greatly.

At a time like this, when the Iranian reactor is preparing to fire up in September, I would prefer our leaders concentrated on Iran, but it is they who brought up their continued support of a two state solution to peace in the Middle East, and so I will address this now. Some of you who read this may not fully appreciate what I am writing about until the crisis with Iran is over and then politicians will have no distraction from a desire to end the conflict as soon as possible so that global commerce can improve with a Middle East that works together. By not stopping to analyze the effectiveness or rather the complete inadequacy of the two state solution, even the most sincere of world leaders are preparing to run headlong into a new crisis of their own making. While the PM suggested a year before implementation and the FM suggested more than two years, they will finalize their path to peace sooner than that.

Even the supposedly more "Right Wing" Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is continuing to support a two state solution, his talk of increased land and population exchanges for the sake of enhanced security not withstanding. Not only does his plan continue the two state terror ride, it adds the possibility of a further element of making even more people lose their homes, than Netanyahu's plan, even if they get to stay in the same land. Spreading out segregated areas does not end segregation.

I can scarcely believe that even FM Lieberman is suggesting chopping up the West Bank and handing half of it to the unrepentant PA. Like selecting the only passenger in a bus who is drunk and then handing him the keys to the bus, then telling him, "if you get into an accident, be sure to harm only yourself."

FM Lieberman began an address several weeks ago with a quote from Albert Einstein,

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,"

Then what would you call continued pursuit of a two state solution? "Can a man walk on fiery coals and his feet not be burnt?" (Proverbs 6:28)

PM Ariel Sharon put up the security wall between the Green Line territories and the West Bank to stop a constant onslaught of violence.  If you believe you can trust the PA, I'll make you a deal. Tear down that fence and wait one year.  If no violence, then you can say that perhaps there can be a partner for negotiation in the PA. But you won't take down the fence, will you? At least you won't under the current circumstances if you are not insane.

You know that the many terror cells that Abbas has not cracked down on, but the very opposite,  the terrorists that he has openly praised, are perpetually chomping at the bit waiting for an easier opportunity to strike at and kill innocent civilians, God forbid.

Your dreams are haunted by images of the terrorists pacing to and fro beyond the wall, like starved wolves that have caught the scent of blood; beyond the wall that the nations of the world criticized, the same wall that allows you to continue the precarious facade of pseudo peace negotiations with a pseudo partner in peace.

Within that wall, your citizens, assuming no two state solution,  are now out of the terrorists' reach for the most part.  The only thing that can now endanger your people from the West Bank terror cells is your policy of supporting a two state solution. Supporting the increased capacity to smuggle in arms beyond the ability that any qualified security measures can prevent.

Mr. Netanyahu, this wall that Sharon built has you feeling overly secure in pursing a path that your people cannot endure. That which was meant to preserve life has become an excuse to risk life.

Mr. Netanyahu, tear down this wall.

Although, I would first advise you to get rid of the PA and weed out the terrorists from among the innocent Palestinian Arab citizenry. Only then can any solution work.  But at that point, there is no reason for a two state solution, which would weaken efforts to protect Israelis from the next generation of potential terrorists who may arise.

The only viable long term solution from the aspect of security, is to have absolute free access for the IDF in the land that Israel must police. Even increasing the Palestinian population of the State of Israel, in a demographically safe way, would not be cause for concern, if the current government of Israel would wisely forsake the current path of trying to handcuff the IDF by planning to surrender land to an enemy.

I would suggest to rather pursue the only viable non violent method of the enemy's absolute defeat; the absorption of the benevolent sectors of the Arab population in the West Bank and Gaza and the annexation of the land. Let the Palestinian Arabs thereby be a source of strength for the State of Israel. Assimilation rather than perpetual contention.

Implementing a two state solution would not guarantee security except perhaps to create excuses to battle with increased international approval.  The problem is, the transfer of territory is not the source of the strife, the PA worship of terror is.  To create two states in such a climate is not peace, but it's mockery. It is a crime against the way of the God of Israel, Who commanded us to "Remove the evil in your midst" (which is stated repeatedly in Deuteronomy, such as in 13:6, 17:7, 19:19, 21:21, 22:21, 24:27)  and "turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it." (Psalm 34:15)

But we must seek true pragmatic peace, not merely it's left wing interpretation. "My child, do not forget My Torah, and My commandments let your heart guard; for length of days and years of life and peace they add to you." (Proverbs 3:1-2)

Remove terror, do not reward it! End the segregation. Unify all peoples West of the River Jordan under the Israeli flag. Tear down the wall after removing the terrorists from the Holy Land that recently has known little but the torturous scars of rockets and walls and blood.

Then true peace can have a chance to flourish, by the grace of God.

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Unknown said...

One cannot expect a plausible, peaceful solution in the foreseeable future unless the PLO leadership changes its mind, heart, and writings. So says Beni Begin,