Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Means and Ends in Middle East Peacemaking

By exploring the negatives of potential kinds of peacemaking we can find that elusive path to true peacemaking.

A two state solution would rob non-Muslims of their freedom of religion in PA controlled areas. The intended end and the actual end do not meet. The two state solution believes in this methodology:

  • Negotiated settlement. (for that warm and tingly feeling at the “appearance” of liberalism in action)
  • Whatever rights that are lost via negotiated settlement (such as religious freedom for Jews and the hope of non despotic leaders for Arabs) are not worth more than “Peace”, and are considered necessary sacrifices for peace.
  • A sovereign PA state may do whatever it likes within its own border, so once completed, a two state solution would silence the critics (free speech and free protest against loss of religious freedom, for example, would be endangered and see Gaza for a three dimensional example of this. Hamas has not even waited for official statehood to abuse its citizenry, are thus technically at risk of international tribunals for their oppression of their own people, and still can't stop themselves from being abusive of fundamental democratic and human rights and freedoms).

A one state solution such as Everyone Wins would unilaterally allocate the security rights of all in the territories to the Israel Defense Forces.

  • Imposed settlement. (oooh, could look bad to the international press)
  • Preservation of democratic rights for all citizens.
  • Annexed Arabic population are granted legitimate political voice and voting options.

While a negotiated settlement would seem to create new terms to solidify any peace under international law, in theory, in practice, however, injustice and contention would immediately be seared into the fabric of a PA state's political foundation from day one. Whereas an “imposed” settlement of a one state solution would bring about a boon to democratic freedoms to all who live in the territories, of all races, for the foreseeable future.

Failure to think deeply on this matter before rushing in is the cause of all the danger that exists. May all such danger come to an end soon, by the grace of God.

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