Monday, July 26, 2010

Demographics and a One State Solution

Moshe Arens, former Defense and Foreign Minister of Israel and a mentor of PM Netanyahu and long time Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin have come out in support of annexation of Judea and Samaria and the Arabic population there ( On the surface that would appear to be closer to my Everyone Wins Peace Plan than most other one state solutions out there. There are some differences present, however, I must admit that this is an encouraging sign that politicians and not just political theorists are considering these possibilities as a preferred mode of path towards enduring peace.

Moshe Arens discussed absorbing the entire 1.5 million Palestinian populace in the West Bank, while my plan calls for weeding out terrorists from  the benevolent people before you allow them to join the State of Israel.

Rivlin discussed a sub state comprised possibly of a bicameral yet segregated legislature.  Everyone Wins does not discriminate based on race but on lifestyle choice (whether the naturalization applicant is pro terror or pro democracy).

By contrast, the Everyone Wins evaluation system is somewhat merit based, though perhaps it is more actuarial than that, as it is based on a prospective immigrant's  "Ready To Naturalize" rating. Just as a fair system exists to structure insurance rates and credit ratings, so too this bureaucratic methodology and mathematical science can succeed to establish a fair and safe naturalization rating system. Those least likely to become terrorists are those most likely to become Israeli citizens first.

One advantage of this system is it actually creates an individualized incentive to not pursue a path of terror. This can help break down the terror malady at the societal level as well as aid in the formation of a natural incentive for families. Palestinian families that are currently divided philosophically will be empowered to encourage black sheep to join in becoming builders, not destroyers, of society, so as to not get left behind while all their family and friends gain improved employment and other opportunities. The end result is a systemic reward for those who believe in clean living, and a built in consequence for those who cling to hatred and terror.

I would also advise to call for a reversal of the Gaza giveaway policy. If you asked me 25 years ago, I may have supported giving away Gaza for a trade of claims to the West Bank, due to the love of peace and desire to avoid war. Though without the mismanagement that made homeless refugees from Gush Katif.  First you build new homes, then you transfer population to those homes.  After all, there was no history of violent ingratitude back then by the Palestinian Arabs toward their benefactors, the State of Israel. Merely a rogue organization called the PLO, which of course Israel would never be so suicidal as to allow the PLO to become the leadership of a new Arab State within the borders of Israel. Further you had a certain level of leading rabbinical support for giving up the Gaza Strip at that time, so nobody could declare it a divisive ungodly act of sacrilege to do so, even if less than optimum from a religious perspective.

Yet, the only chance to give Gaza away left when the entire political leadership of the Palestinian Authority became cheerleaders of bloodshed and sometimes orchestrators and sometimes pawns of terrorists and then the electorate unwisely reelected them and the PLO chairman with them, rather than third way candidates. There has been no peace and there has been 17 years of conflict, violence and the threat of violence even during momentary times of calm.

As there was never a Palestinian State in history, and as there is now a safe and humane way to join them to a democracy in a respectful manner, there is no moral justification to even potentially endanger the nation by giving away any territory whatsoever.

Annex the entire Judea and Samaria. Annex Gaza as well. Invite all the Palestinian Arabs who wish to join, to do so. But use a filter and get rid of the terrorists that give them a bad name and do so in a gradual manner, so as to not risk electoral demographic issues, such as using a ratio based linkage of the immigration rates of foreign born Jews with the naturalization rate of West Bank and Gaza Arabs.

Such a one state solution eliminates fears and causes for concern.

Pursuing a one state solution then becomes an optimum method to resolve the Middle East conflict and allow true peace to blossom, by the grace of God.

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