Friday, August 8, 2014

Israeli Policy Regarding Hamas

To reach peace, true peace, Israel must have people they can make peace with. Destroying Hamas utterly is only the first step. Another organization with a different name could replace it as it is after all only the yang to the yin of Fatah. As long as Fatah continues as well, a new yang will be cultivated, by the name of Hamas or any other, so that there can be the instant gratification of killing that Hamas offers and also the long term satisfaction of optimum strategic land acquisition under "legal" means that is the goal of Fatah. Together they are the one-two punch of the PLO. That will never change, no matter the peace agreement they may sign.  As long as the peace partner is the PLO there will never be true peace.

The length of the current conflict in Gaza is a continuation of the same erroneous belief that you can treat Hamas like regular humans.  For those who only destroy you can't even attempt to install vehicles of trust. This should be obvious and the Prime Minister has spoken along these lines, even though policy has not fully joined this line of reasoning. If even a thousand nations tell you have a ceasefire so Hamas can reload, don't fall for it!

Even if we assume Israel eventually directs a house to house removal of the plague of Hamas from Gaza, the problem will still not be resolved. Why? Because Hamas is a result of the PLO charter, not an independent movement.  Fatah can sign and agree to everything and in their philosophy call it a hudna, a Heavenly sanctioned temporary truce, no matter what the world believes and no matter what true objectives standards declare that they mean. Just as the nature of Hamas is violence, the nature of Fatah is deception.

So to fix the problem, Israel must deal with the root causes. Don't allow a violent man to abuse you (Hamas), and don't allow a swindler to steal your home (Fatah). To do that, Israel must face the truth of things.

Now we know why many rabbis have said that Israel will only be redeemed through Torah study. Because learning the truth helps you perceive it in your daily lives, and to understand what it's absence looks like.  Fatah does not have the truth. They are pathological in this and thus more difficult to be detected, but not to the trained eye.  Bible study is not a prerequisite to being a diplomat in today's world, though it should be. This explains the phenomena of why even diplomats who are friendly to Israel truly believe Fatah is dedicated to peace.  But if you are Israel's friend and all the more so, if you are among Israel's leadership, you cannot allow this deception to continue without denouncement, and a change of policy. 

As long as Israel tries to make peace with the PLO there will never be peace. May this realization come without bloodshed, as soon as possible, by the grace of God.

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