Monday, December 1, 2014

We Must Not Empower Terror

I did not write in the immediate aftermath of the horrific attack on the Synagogue in Jerusalem last month, as there were so many appropriate reactions out there to the tragedy I wished to avoid redundancy in a time when mourning and prayer were most appropriate.  But it was yet another fruit of the tree that is the Palestinian Authority and Israel's continued support of it.  Rather than seeking true potential partners in peace, Israel has thrown its support behind Fatah, a group of leaders that encourage terror. There must be a change in policy to end that process.

Who won the last election in the Palestinian Authority? Hamas. Yet a terrorist organization is inherently unacceptable as a leader of a presumably democratic state and it would violate fundamental laws of self preservation for Israel (Jus Cogens) to attempt to compel them to accept Hamas as a partner in peace.  That is why Israel and the USA supported Abbas and his Fatah movement over Hamas as the "legitimate" leaders of the Palestinian Arabs in Judea and Samaria and theoretically in Gaza as well. Yet there is an important implication that apparently is being overlooked by many. Fatah leads only by fiat of the Knesset, not by democratic principles. Therefore to remove Fatah from power under the current situation, you need not even agree with my perspective on International Law in regards to the Palestinian Authority inherently not being protected under the law from unilateral dissolution by a decree from the Knesset.  Thus the dangerous Oslo Accords can finally be buried because, officially, by democratic principles, the Palestinian Authority is now a terror led organization, with Hamas as the winners of the election.

What this means is, as the Torah says, "For this commandment which I have commanded you today is not too wondrous from you, nor is it too far. It's not in Heaven... nor over the sea... It is very near to you, in your mouth and your heart, to do it." (Deut. 30:11-14)  i.e., the unilateral redemption of Israel from her oppressors is sanctioned by International Law. So let us end the fiat support of the Palestinian Authority. If we stop supporting Fatah, then the evil of Hamas will go away, dissolve of its own accord, as far as pseudo legitimacy in International Law goes.

Swept under the carpet for too long to enable a continuation of the fraudulent and bloody current peace process, this point should be hammered home by proponents of a safe Israel to representatives in the Knesset and Western governments. Stop the Knesset's fiat support of Fatah and remove the Palestinian Authority from power immediately! May it soon be so, by the grace of God.

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