Friday, February 17, 2017

Arabic Naturalization is Not Prelude to Destruction

Not all Arabs in the disputed territories are the problem. A right wing plan that calls for relocating all Arabs in a Kahane-esque manner is not the correct solution. By placing pressure on the innocent among the Arabs to relocate as well, that implies that they too are the problem. But really it is terrorists that are the problem. They and a lack of willingness on the part of the Knesset to annex and take full responsibility for that which belongs to Israel. The gradual annexation process suggested by the likes of Dr. Martin Sherman, I agree with, but I call for the addition of allowing for innocent Arabs to keep their homes and placing a filter to remove the terrorists.

Peace is not built on fueling societal discontent, but removing the barriers towards satisfaction of the peace loving masses on both sides of a conflict.

Removal of terrorists and their supporters from the naturalization option, and the result would be to make it a smaller naturalization process than implied and not as fearsome to consider, thus the assertion that it is a road to certain demographic doom is unfounded, in my opinion.

Some may look to a million Muslim migrants flooding into Germany and France as reason to not compromise from the absolute stance against allowing Arabs to remain in the territories.

But the Arabs are already there, if the naturalization is staged and filtered, and there are not hate-filled Arabs remaining, then there is no correlation with the German and French models. Reject citizenship to anarchists, but keep civilization builders. The good Arabs will help Israel, not be a burden.

Terrorists need to go. Compensation or no. Societal codependents to terror, who refuse peace, can be relocated under a method such as the Kahane style compensation plan Dr. Sherman suggests. But good people should not be expelled from their homes. Jew or Arab alike.

Post filtration of terrorists and their supporters, a majority of Arabs may not remain in the land, but the righteous and innocent minority should have their rights protected. For civilization to progress, good people must have their rights protected.

Must all roses be destroyed if they be found on thorn bushes? Rather, even the thorn bush should be spared if that is what keeps the roses healthy. If policy to good people is the same as the consequences given to supporters of terror, justice is surely lacking.  Israel does not need to forsake justice to gain security and peace. Indeed it must not.

Our mutual forefather Abraham prayed for mercy for sinful cities, if only a few righteous be found among them. We cannot consider a policy of quickly removing Arabs LEST we find righteous among them. That is not the legacy of Abraham, that is not who we are, and that is not what we should do.

As to the misinterpretation by some on the right that Talmudic law prohibits keeping the innocent among the Arabs, apparently based on some things that Rabbi Meir Kahane wrote. Please allow me to reassure, it is not a hindrance to naturalization, as I previously discussed 8 years ago on my blog. Whereas creation of a terrorist state from out of parcels of the Holy Land, however, would violate the prohibition (of Lo Techanem). Therefore, naturalizing innocent Arabs is kosher, giving terrorists strategic footholds in your land is not.

May this realization spread fully among those in the political right of Israel that do not yet accept this. May this soon be so, by the grace of God.

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