Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Elements of Peace for Israel

When evaluating peace plans for Israel we need to cover 3 main categories of litmus tests. If we find optimum fulfillment of these values, it is then indicative of a possible plan with real chance of success. These values are, Security, Viability, and Compassion. Security: does it secure real peace. Viability: can it be implemented in actuality. Compassion: do the good people involved still remain good at the end of this or must they compromise their principles in some way, to achieve the greater goal of permanent cession of bloodshed, Or can such noble traits be retained at all if they are not compromised for the greater good.


The most straightforward category given our point in history. History has shown that only with the multi-ethnic IDF in complete control of an area are the rights of all humans in that locale guaranteed. The Palestinian Authority does not pledge rights to Jews, and it does not even guarantee rights to Arabs, especially if they are women and children. The Palestinian Authority has used security control more to further terrorism, than combat it. Territory that was entrusted to them are being used as cities of refuge for terror. The IDF therefore must have control for any peace plan to work.


If the Palestinian Authority which is essentially a sub entity governor body of the State of Israel, cannot be counted on to make a treaty for the benefit of it's own citizens, then surely another country such as the Kingdom of Jordan is unlikely to take in millions of immigrant Palestinian Arabs, as part of any peace plan. Unilateral control must be retained for a chance at workable political viability. Therefore any plan that depends on a Jordan is Palestine kind of doctrine, is a roadblock to peace making in actuality. Jordan is Palestine covers a lot of the bases of what you want in a peace plan, but it does not deliver peace, due to lack of viable implementation options in real terms.


One should not make good people homeless. You can't evict all the Jews from the territories, nor all the innocent Arabs, and still remain the same compassionate democratic state that Israel is today. Neither can Israel whose soul is resting upon the Holy Words of the Torah, forsake land that God gave her via that Torah. So this indicates the need for A) a One State Solution with annexation followed by naturalization of all good people West of the River Jordan. Yet it would be discompassionate to naturalize terrorists as well. Like locking wild animals in within a fence containing children. Only the innocent would suffer if terrorists were trusted like good people dedicated to civilization building. Therefore, B) an exclusion of terrorists from the future united State of Israel would allow a unified state dedicated to truth, justice and the Israeli way. Not only terrorists, C) even codependents to terror are not eligible for naturalization to the State of Israel, unless they renounce terror as an option, and jihad as a goal and agree to join Israel in helping to continue to make a peaceful and vibrant nation for citizens of all races and ethnicities.

There must be no racial discrimination.
 Evaluation and potential rejection of applicants to naturalization should be based exclusively on their willingness or lack thereof to be civilization builders. Those who would nihilistically prefer everything to crumble so they could get their way, are not possible candidates to join a civilized nation.

For too long many peace plan ideas from the political left felt that a failure to surrender, trade, or otherwise sacrifice an aspect of who Israel is, their heritage, would be a failure to retain their humanity. But the opposite is the case. By seeking what Israel must give up, the question of what Israel must retain never entered the forefront of the conversation on peacemaking. That was the final philosophical leap necessary before true and enduring peace could be brought to the Middle East. Only through compassionate strength could peace be brought to a region with too many bullies.

Demographic concerns are mitigated by two main factors to the peace that I am suggesting. One, many Arabs do not qualify for citizenship under these above stated guidelines so the number of applicants to naturalize is significantly lower than previous projections. Two, a slow but sure staggered transition period toward full citizenship will allow immigration rates of foreign born Jews to mitigate any significant change to electoral balance within the State of Israel.

This is the Everyone Wins Peace Plan that God blessed me to compose nine years ago. If this is the preferred method for peace, by Heaven and the people, may it soon be accepted by the leadership in the State of Israel. May it soon be so, by the grace of God.

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