Wednesday, March 2, 2016

By What Standard Compromise?

For 2000 years the Jews have had one method of prayer at the Western Wall, as one congregation. The new compromise to cater to some Reform activists is not religious in nature but political. Only the Rabbis of Israel should be deciding what to do with the holy sites, not foreign based religious interest groups and secular politicians working around the rabbinical authorities which by law, should have say.

Tearing apart a congregation to make a bunch of different prayer groups like this is not just inconvenient, but is actually a violation of a Torah law. Only the greatest Rabbis of Israel could hope to somehow find a workaround that does not assault Torah values in addition to millennia long customs of peaceful assembly by all denominations of Judaism in a united congregation. In lieu of that, the compromise is an offensive assault on Jewish unity for the sake of the freedom of small groups of worshipers, as meanwhile, the Temple Mount itself, the actual Holy of Holies of the Jewish people, remains truly free only to Muslims. If no workaround can be found by the Rabbis of Israel, then no compromise at all should be done.

When will the government stop trying to hinder Jewish freedom of religion on the Temple Mount? Politically inconvenient, no problem, compromise somewhere else. The problem is, the government has been compromising the rights of Jews to practice their faith on the Temple Mount since 1967. The current government has continued in that tradition.

But the longer tradition of Jewish unity is the tradition that should be upheld. In the video below, it can be viewed how Jews assembled united at the Wall before the Wall plaza was built, this back in 1945....

May the government of Israel allow the Rabbis of Israel to run the Jewish religion rather than secular politicians. May it soon be so, by the grace of God.

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