Sunday, October 31, 2010

On the Bibi Report Tomorrow

By the grace of God, I'm scheduled to be a panelist on the Bibi Report tomorrow night (November 1st) on Blog Talk Radio.  The Live show begins at 10 PM ET, and I'm scheduled to join the panel at about 15 after the hour. This will be my 4th appearance on the show, if God wills it so.

It's a pre-election edition of the Bibi Report and my position on the show will likely be based at least in part on my October 27th post to this blog.

By the way, in case you never looked for us on Facebook, we have hundreds of members on our discussion group which has been around for a couple years, and also this year we added a Facebook Fan Page as well.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Writing a Political Epitaph: Democrats and the November 2010 Elections

If President Obama and the Democrats in Congress wish to prove that they are just as pro Israel as the Republicans, it will be proven not from now until November 2nd, but beginning on November 3rd, when the elections are over, at that time the President can prove he is Israel's friend, if he wants to.  If Obama pulls out the racist "No Jewish building in Jerusalem" card again after the elections, then that will speak volumes as to whether his administration is a "friend" to Israel or not. Until the elections, however, concerns of pre-election posturing makes an evaluation of intentions difficult.

Historically in American Congressional elections in years that the President is not running for re-election, the vote normally goes against the sitting President.  Odds are that Republicans have a better chance to win than Democrats in this coming election.  This election is not a mandate on Obama Administration policy on Israel; there are just too many issues at play to say so. Economy, health care, borders, oil spills that dwarf Katrina, and even "don't ask, but please feel free to tell."

Does America confront Iran for Israel or for its own needs? If Israel's needs were the motivating factor in that matter, then there would have been regime change in Tehran under President Bush, or the first year and a half of Obama. Therefore trading objectivity in the peace process with the Palestinian Arabs for greater support against Iran is an invalid proof of being pro Israel, as it is not for Israel's sake that America is either heeding Israel's advice regarding Iran or remaining aloof.

Military sales to the Middle East are no longer following a pure Israel foremost policy. Saudi Arabia and other countries of variable loyalty are being considered options by this Administration to proliferate advanced weapons to. This is perhaps a byproduct of the Administration's Iran containment first-before considering regime change policy.  Whether or not that is true, it does nothing to prove friendship to Israel.

That means that the only criterion remaining by which to tell whether or not Obama is a friend to Israel is in the conflict between the belligerent Arabs and democratic Israel.  The only ethical answer is in not ignoring the facts in the guise of pseudo objectivity, as President Carter had to in order to pursue his courtship with Hamas. You first must declare objective truths, then check to make sure that your policy follows it.

Is terrorism illegal or legitimate? Illegal? Then don't adulate to Hamas.

Is racism bad or legitimate? Bad? Then either say that Jews can build just like Arabs do, which I would agree with, or else nobody should build at all, which of course the PA would object to.

To be pro Israel, you merely have to be ethical and moral in your pursuit of peace. Then you'll be rewarded by being held in regard as if you actually cared about Israel.

To prove it, though, you may have to eventually apologize for past hypocritical and racist policies such as no Jewish building in Jerusalem. But that's an article for another day.