Friday, January 20, 2017

UN Resolution 2334

The attempt to stop building within the capital of the State of Israel, known as UN Resolution 2334, is an illegal resolution that should be ignored. Could we accept Zionism equals racism? Neither can we accept this assault on the city of Zion itself. Likewise, this resolution should and must also be repealed. Jerusalem is a human right of the Jewish people. There can be no negotiations that deny that as a starting point.

The Holy Temple that Jews pray 3 times daily for it to be rebuilt stood in Eastern Jerusalem. The Palace of King David stood there. No city of Palestinian Arabs ever existed there. By the grace of God, the League of Nations granted it. The State of Israel annexed it long ago. The reasons are multifarious why the resolution is wrong, the reasons in favor of the resolution are either based on romanticism in peacemaking or downright hatred.

John Kerry claimed that Israel was in danger of becoming a Unitary State. Essentially he was saying that the Obama Administration had to put a diplomatic threat looming over Israel lest it become a state just like... France or the UK.?!?

Yes, France, the UK, Spain and Japan are all examples of Unitary States. It is the normative form of government in the world today.

Is this Kerry statement an intended contempt for most of our allies or merely utter foolishness? Either way, there were a lot of words put out to explain this resolution, though none of them were about justice, and there was no logical foundation from a perspective of the rights of Israel or the pursuit of true peace.

Neither did this resolution comply fully with the very charter of the UN itself.  Can a band of nomads move to the Ural mountains and claim it for themselves? Would Russia lose it's historic core lands merely because such nomads had allies at the UN. The very charter of the UN was built to not allow that. This exception to the rule (
Resolution 2334) is dangerous for all countries and should not remain active not only for Israel's sake. As I wrote previously
"It is not logical to argue that the framers of the United Nations intended to create institutionalized chaos in contradiction to half of the principles the entire organization is predicated upon."

You do not have to say that Obama hates Israel. Perhaps it was a romanticized view of the two state solution that America's ally PM Rabin had died for.  But it is an unworkable notion that has brought death an misery in its wake, not peace, nor even the hope of true peace. Many have died during the two decades of the Oslo Accords. The only way to end that cycle, the only way forward is without the Two State, anti solution.

You may argue that there are Israeli political movements still attached to a two state solution. Then can we agree that it should be the choice of Israelis on what direction they should go? Not if you respect Resolution 2334. Only if you do not can you still choose one or two state solutions. Otherwise it is not longer about your choices any longer, is it? Reject the decree.  Under International Law, it cannot override Israeli Jus Cogens.

But I would argue, consider the source of this, and that this is a major proof that a two state solution is completely misguided at this stage of matters, with the Palestinian Authority's history of being a nemesis, not a partner towards peace. Strengthening a nemesis will not bring peace, only the strengthening of a nemesis. Why does the PLO still bother Israel? Because Israel chose to pursue a two state solution with unrepentant terrorist leaders in diplomatic clothing. That is the core of this, and support of a two state solution at this stage of things is inherently wrong.

It's not about what you ideally want to do, it's about the consequences of such actions under the circumstances. As if to practice codependency to terrorists. It's not good for Israel to create such a neighbor. It's even worse for the Arabs living under such a regime. Don't allow international pressure to make you support such evil injustice.

Get yourself far from the edge of that precipice and come back towards safety. May it soon be so, by the grace of God.