Monday, March 3, 2014

Pursue True Independence

If the international community is weak towards Russian violations of international borders, then that should be a wake up call to anyone still naive enough to believe international pressure will keep peace with a Palestinian country and Israel.  And if the world tries to force Russia to the point of armed conflict, would that be a path of peace either?

UN peacekeepers? Their main offensive threat is how fast they can flee from a conflict. Their main purpose to protect media.  Do they regulate any media bias? No. Freedom to slander and not help is all that UN peacekeepers would do, not because the soldiers are not brave, but the poor policy is so entrenched to the point that it blocks the good they could do.

The only way to have peace between Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land is if one army is in control, not two opposing forces established to enshrine a perpetual state of war. History has shown us that army must be Israel's.  The only way for an army to function is to have complete control not international observers to violence and political roadblocks to keeping the peace.

You may expect Russia to now take Israel's side and say that Israel must be able to have military control so that there can be true peace. But the opposite is likely the case. The world leading nations have conflicting agendas. To meet all of those agendas simultaneously would negate logic, common sense, sanity and security for Israel. Therefore the only solution for Israel is to recognize it's own needs and take care of them itself. It can no longer live the life of its foreign policy vicariously through the eyes of the governments of nations of the world. It should turn it's eyes to Heaven, and fulfill all that is right in the eyes of Heaven. Included in that is the concept of self preservation and the pursuit of true and lasting peace, not the chaotic and conflicting and consequently hypocritical whims of the governments of the nations of the world.

Do not empower your enemies any more. Empower your true independence from them. The independence that was yearned for and yet from 1948 until today still has not been the main foreign policy of the State of Israel. "A Place Among the Nations" is the title of a book you wrote Prime Minister Netanyahu. But a place independent from the nations is that which your people need. 

May it soon be so, by the grace of G-d.