Friday, May 11, 2018

Everyone Wins Peace Plan Index

Today marks the ten year anniversary of the composition of the mechanics of the Everyone Wins Peace Plan. To ease research on this wonderful plan, I am including an index of the key blog posts that deal with the plan and key factors that led to it all in this one post. Please feel free to join with me in the great work of attempting to bring peace to the world. Please research the plan, and then when you feel comfortable contact the members of parliament that you deem appropriate. You can e-mail me any questions that you feel urgent.

But as always it cannot hurt to emphasize, that this is a plan that HaShem/God gave to the world, through this writer; I freely admit. As this plan fits Torah ideals for peace, under the circumstances in our time, and does so, more than any other peace plan that is known, it seems to me that it is factual to say that this is more God's plan than my own.

But as I seem to be the interface for explaining it, I must continue to remain open to communication for those who would know more about applying it in practice. I would rather hide under a rock than try to take credit for that which God has done, but what can I do under the circumstance? It is the nature of the times and this mode of communication that self-promotion is required just to present a dialog. If it turns out that this is the path the world peace, how can I withhold it for even an instant from God's creations? The Lord's command of not remaining idly by the blood of one's fellow forbids that.

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Friday, May 4, 2018

On Making Peace with Terrorists

There is a difference between making peace in this situation in the Holy Land, and in other conflicts. In this situation, innocent are mixed in with the severely guilty. Making peace with a criminal instead of punishing their criminality is in contradiction with the most basic principles of criminal justice. The innocent should be saved, the heinous criminal must face corrections. There is also the third part of the population that neither wants the terrorist rule of the Palestinian Authority nor to ever join with Israel in a One State solution that will maximize prosperity for everyone within it. Therefore we need to discuss how to deal with each of these elements of the overall Arabic peoples in the territories, with individualized policy toward each population segment.

True One-State solutions should not allow potential pockets of armed resistance that each time a police action is called for, would risk a potential hasbara nightmare every time. The IDF needs full access to police the land, without risk of potential international conflict at each and every turn. But innocent Arabs should not be expelled and should be given an option to naturalize slowly, filtering naturalization applicants as one would credit card applicants to elevate those Arabs with the greatest lack of terroristic tendencies to be absorbed first. But exile is only for those not champing at the bit to kill again. Those who would kill again must be taken out of the equation. They should be in jail or not in this world, and not being sent to exile immediately into the ranks of an enemy army. Changing from being a card-carrying member of Hamas to one of Hezbollah does nothing for regional stability.

Terrorists are not from a city that we are attacking and whom should be given a chance to flee, (as per Maimonides, Laws of Kings, Chapter 6.) Terrorists are enemies that have blood on their hands.  They have tasted blood, and they desire to frenzy on that blood again. Exile is also not for good people who could contribute to Israel and they should be valued by our nation. Exile is only for those who are unhealthy for society but not with a track record of trying to commit bloodshed. In each category, the solution, if done in this way is a conclusive solution, in each of these 3 categories (of the Innocent, of Significant-Risk, and of Terrorists), and that is the path to true peace; a peace that is unlikely to be broken. Also by giving no hope of freedom to terrorists, it creates a penal aspect that is vital to prevent future recidivism among them and to discourage it toward future generations of Arabs otherwise potentially likely to become like them, Heaven forefend.

Therefore there must be a peace that allows the good people to escape terrorist rule, the bad people to not escape justice, and to those who are in between, the right to go into exile if they refuse to choose peace. It is their choice that is forcing them from their homes, but at least we can free them from being under the rule of terrorists. The terrorists are willing to toss people off of rooves to plunge to their deaths and are thus too cruel even to their own people to be allowed to rule if we have anything to say in it. As stated previously, Israel, even today, has the legal responsibility under international law, for all the territories, even Gaza, and so we must make this important choice for the betterment of all good people West of the River Jordan.

As we stated previously, the beginning of peace does not come by the placation of terror; that is its anathema. At its end, there must neither be the destruction of innocent societies. You can't make peace with terrorists, but you can with people.

By understanding that there is a difference between regular people and terrorists, then we can say the following: The key is in not living in the moment of the criminal's perspective but in the objective needs of good public policy for the vast majority of the people, every single innocent citizen. That a person not be judged based on race but only whether they wish to join in civilization building. Civilization builders cannot coexist with terrorists.

This terrorist filter is a key difference between my Everyone Wins peace plan and all the other one state solutions. All good and innocent can and will be saved therein. Therefore may the Everyone Wins peace plan become the Peace Policy of the State of Israel, and may it soon be so, by the grace of God.

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If you prefer the Kulam Marvichim/Everyone Wins Peace Plan over any other plan, please write to your favorite Member of Knesset and let them know what you think:
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