Monday, March 15, 2010

Obama's Iranian Containment Strategy

In last Monday night's (March 8) Bibi Report interview I revealed a concern of mine regarding the threat to the safety of our (USA) troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan by the current Iranian regime.

A reason that the Obama Administration may not have withdrawn our troops in Iraq yet may be due to the fact that if they are viewed as preparing to about to be pulled out of the Middle East, they could possibly also be viewed as something of a closeout sale. An opportunity to easily strike at their main enemy while a perceived element of vulnerability exists may seem too good to pass up, God forbid. As Iran's leaders have called America the great Satan, which would make Israel in their estimation only Satan junior, they can wait to attack Israel. But talk of an expedited American troop withdrawal could be risky under the current standoff with Iran.

Today it may already be too late for sanctions to work. Also considering Iran's deal last week with North Korea for new missile technology, war could be sooner than expected and the plots afoot could be farther reaching than we could imagine. We just do not know.

Further, to date the only real card up President Obama's sleeve against the international terror network so far has been to harass our friend Israel for building in its own capital city. Nobody knows why the Obama administration is taking such an extreme position on Israel's right to build in its own capital. But perhaps that explains it all. Iran's leadership are being unpredictable and gaining ground… …Hmm… Perhaps the group-think in the White House these days is, let's be just as unpredictable as the Iranians. Then maybe they will fear us again. Yeah, that’s it.

It's as if some advisor to the President was watching a Lethal Weapon movie at 3AM in the morning while drunk when the crazy idea struck him that Obama and his people should pretend to be as wild and unpredictable as Mel Gibson's character was in order to scare Iran back to the negotiation table.

But the only thing anyone fears by the lambasting of PM Netanyahu about a matter previously accepted by the US Administration is whether sanity is still at play in the White House.

As it seems that our leaders are apparently off to Fantasy Island for the time being, I therefore wanted to do my part to help protect our boys in the military who are stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan by at least bringing this issue to the fore and hopefully helping friendly forces to be better prepared for any potential scenarios where the Iranians target our troops first, in accordance to their stated hatred of America above and beyond their hatred of the state of Israel.

In the face of the farcical theater coming from the White House and the State Department towards our friend Israel and the peace process there, the main thing for us American citizens to do is to keep in mind the real seriousness of the predicament that the current Iranian regime is posing to the world and make sure that as many of our representatives in Congress as possible keep their eye on the true tiger, the current jihadist Iranian regime. On the other hand, we have nothing to fear from low cost housing projects in allied countries; believe it or not.

The plain fact is we don't know the intentions of Iranian leaders. Meanwhile our political leaders are pretending as if they do, when their policies would seem to indicate that they most likely do not.

God, however, knows exactly what the Iranian leaders are planning. Yet if we improve ourselves before the Lord, how could our enemies possibly succeed? As the Psalmist wrote (in 118:6 and the theme is recurrent in Psalms such as 23, 27, 56 and 112) “The Lord is with me, I shall not fear that which man can do to me.” Then when we pray for our friends in the Middle East, all that we need to remember is to also pray for the members of our armed services who are stationed there too, and request Divine Compassion on their behalf as well.

This then is a way to pursue the concept of “We the People” in a practical way, without waiting for the next elections; for rather than relying upon fallible beings such as ourselves in times like this we should place our trust only in the grace of God.