Monday, May 22, 2017

Beware the Terrorists in Diplomatic Clothing

There is still a belief that Fatah is somehow a potential partner in peace. President Trump in Saudi Arabia called Hamas a terrorist group, and yet in policy he has also declared Fatah a potential partner in peace. The sooner the real Fatah is revealed, the sooner real peace can have a chance.

If Fatah does not fully separate from Hamas and it's ways, there is no workable Two State Solution. They have been indistinguishable at times. Finding the true nature of Fatah has to be the main priority. Pressure is meaningless without a mechanism that leads to peace beneath the button to press. That mechanism is sincerity in peace making. The main concern is, is sincerity in peace making present in Fatah or not? That should be the first puzzle that the Administration attempts to solve.

To me it is clear, that Fatah is not a peace partner. They are not founded in improving the plight of their people even as a secondary agenda. Their conception of improving matters for their people is to create a front to hide their true intentions behind. They are not just a bunch of angered people who will calm with enough incentives. They are dedicated to hatred, but to guile as well. Even when not in unity government with Hamas, Fatah have continued indoctrination of their youth in violence. But they also fully understand the concept that one closes their mouth and takes foreign "peace" money even while they preserve their burning lust for bloodshed within. Keeping candies at the ready to distribute in celebration the next time an innocent non Muslim is slain. Yes, in case one did not hear the news, in Fatah controlled areas this recently occurred. Not just by Hamas in Gaza. No different than Hamas. Not just far away, but even on border towns in Samaria.

Reread what you have read in reports about Fatah and Hamas, and remember that "Palestinian Authority" is code word for Fatah, not Hamas unless stated specifically otherwise.  Do all reports only criticize Hamas but also mention "Palestinian Authority" TV indoctrinating evil to the children. Who runs Palestinian TV?  Israel had to destroy broadcast capability 15 years ago, in Fatah's seat of power, Ramallah. Before Gaza fell to Hamas. Think this through. If you longed for independence for your people, and would finally achieve independent authority to do or say what you want, what would the first thing you do be? Wouldn't you want to nurture your people in some way?  Fatah, wanted to instill hatred. FATAH desires hatred rather than improvement for their people. Their leaders aggrandize their lot while they keep their people low. Offer them better services than Hamas, to remain in power, but don't steal away the underpinnings of discontent needed to spark a war or intifada when called for according to the leadership elite of Fatah. Hamas later broadcasted from Gaza after Fatah, FATAH, first taught them how the hatred indoctrination is most properly done!

As long as the Israeli government and the West allow themselves to be deceived by Fatah because they have not considered all the possible one state solutions until a workable one is found, then true peace cannot flourish. But as soon as the truth is confronted, and accepted, the sooner a path to true peace can be found and achieved. May it soon be so, by the grace of God.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Rabbi Benny Elon of Blessed Memory

The passing of Rabbi Benny Elon is difficult for all lovers of Zion. His Jordan is Palestine peace plan was the first famous plan that did not contradict Torah prophecies. That should tell you right there how good he was to both Heaven and people; desiring peace for humans and in a way that did not risk offense to God.

PM Netanyahu said of him, “My wife and I express deep sorrow at the passing of Rabbi Elon, a lover of the land of Israel, a rabbi and educator, former MK. 

"The Rabbi was a man with a pleasant temperament, who worked in his public life both inside and outside the Knesset for the nation of Israel, the Torah of Israel, and the land of Israel. May his memory be a blessing.”

But he was more than that.

Whether or not Rabbi Elon's peace plan becomes the vehicle of the prophesied peace of the future, the outstanding character displayed to publicly stand for a kosher peace plan when everyone else could only talk about how much to divide the Promised Land, is an act of righteousness of historic proportions. It is not an exaggeration to say that he laid a foundation for a peace plan that Moshiach could accept.  A kosher peace idea became a topic of daily discourse in the secular State of Israel because of him. That is bringing the study hall to the street and allowing all to share in the ways of peace that Torah brings with it.

Rabbi Elon was the Abraham of peace planners, the first author of a peace plan who did not wage a secular war against God. The Torah would only be given to Moses, but the first covenant to the Jewish people was given by God to and through Abraham. Rabbi Elon will not only be missed, he is simply irreplaceable.

"The Lord gave and the Lord took, may the name of the Lord be blessed."