Monday, December 1, 2014

We Must Not Empower Terror

I did not write in the immediate aftermath of the horrific attack on the Synagogue in Jerusalem last month, as there were so many appropriate reactions out there to the tragedy I wished to avoid redundancy in a time when mourning and prayer were most appropriate.  But it was yet another fruit of the tree that is the Palestinian Authority and Israel's continued support of it.  Rather than seeking true potential partners in peace, Israel has thrown its support behind Fatah, a group of leaders that encourage terror. There must be a change in policy to end that process.

Who won the last election in the Palestinian Authority? Hamas. Yet a terrorist organization is inherently unacceptable as a leader of a presumably democratic state and it would violate fundamental laws of self preservation for Israel (Jus Cogens) to attempt to compel them to accept Hamas as a partner in peace.  That is why Israel and the USA supported Abbas and his Fatah movement over Hamas as the "legitimate" leaders of the Palestinian Arabs in Judea and Samaria and theoretically in Gaza as well. Yet there is an important implication that apparently is being overlooked by many. Fatah leads only by fiat of the Knesset, not by democratic principles. Therefore to remove Fatah from power under the current situation, you need not even agree with my perspective on International Law in regards to the Palestinian Authority inherently not being protected under the law from unilateral dissolution by a decree from the Knesset.  Thus the dangerous Oslo Accords can finally be buried because, officially, by democratic principles, the Palestinian Authority is now a terror led organization, with Hamas as the winners of the election.

What this means is, as the Torah says, "For this commandment which I have commanded you today is not too wondrous from you, nor is it too far. It's not in Heaven... nor over the sea... It is very near to you, in your mouth and your heart, to do it." (Deut. 30:11-14)  i.e., the unilateral redemption of Israel from her oppressors is sanctioned by International Law. So let us end the fiat support of the Palestinian Authority. If we stop supporting Fatah, then the evil of Hamas will go away, dissolve of its own accord, as far as pseudo legitimacy in International Law goes.

Swept under the carpet for too long to enable a continuation of the fraudulent and bloody current peace process, this point should be hammered home by proponents of a safe Israel to representatives in the Knesset and Western governments. Stop the Knesset's fiat support of Fatah and remove the Palestinian Authority from power immediately! May it soon be so, by the grace of God.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Israeli Policy Regarding Hamas

To reach peace, true peace, Israel must have people they can make peace with. Destroying Hamas utterly is only the first step. Another organization with a different name could replace it as it is after all only the yang to the yin of Fatah. As long as Fatah continues as well, a new yang will be cultivated, by the name of Hamas or any other, so that there can be the instant gratification of killing that Hamas offers and also the long term satisfaction of optimum strategic land acquisition under "legal" means that is the goal of Fatah. Together they are the one-two punch of the PLO. That will never change, no matter the peace agreement they may sign.  As long as the peace partner is the PLO there will never be true peace.

The length of the current conflict in Gaza is a continuation of the same erroneous belief that you can treat Hamas like regular humans.  For those who only destroy you can't even attempt to install vehicles of trust. This should be obvious and the Prime Minister has spoken along these lines, even though policy has not fully joined this line of reasoning. If even a thousand nations tell you have a ceasefire so Hamas can reload, don't fall for it!

Even if we assume Israel eventually directs a house to house removal of the plague of Hamas from Gaza, the problem will still not be resolved. Why? Because Hamas is a result of the PLO charter, not an independent movement.  Fatah can sign and agree to everything and in their philosophy call it a hudna, a Heavenly sanctioned temporary truce, no matter what the world believes and no matter what true objectives standards declare that they mean. Just as the nature of Hamas is violence, the nature of Fatah is deception.

So to fix the problem, Israel must deal with the root causes. Don't allow a violent man to abuse you (Hamas), and don't allow a swindler to steal your home (Fatah). To do that, Israel must face the truth of things.

Now we know why many rabbis have said that Israel will only be redeemed through Torah study. Because learning the truth helps you perceive it in your daily lives, and to understand what it's absence looks like.  Fatah does not have the truth. They are pathological in this and thus more difficult to be detected, but not to the trained eye.  Bible study is not a prerequisite to being a diplomat in today's world, though it should be. This explains the phenomena of why even diplomats who are friendly to Israel truly believe Fatah is dedicated to peace.  But if you are Israel's friend and all the more so, if you are among Israel's leadership, you cannot allow this deception to continue without denouncement, and a change of policy. 

As long as Israel tries to make peace with the PLO there will never be peace. May this realization come without bloodshed, as soon as possible, by the grace of God.

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Foundation of Terror in Israel

A false sense of entitlement on the part of many Palestinian Arabs to the entire land of Israel is a key source of fuel for the fire of motivating their people to terror. International Law, and thousands of years of anticipated biblical reality run contrary to such beliefs.  By reducing that false impression, the foundation for terror can be undercut and true peace have a chance to reign in the land. Even handed attitudes towards the naturally greater rights to the land that Israel possesses confuses the masses and allows a window for manipulation by political leaders who support terror.  Therefore the policy path of choice, is to not encourage a discussion of rights to the land at all, since the other side has shown a willingness to not care for the truth, whether written in the bible or signed by them. Rather unilateral steps towards annexation and naturalization combined with negotiation of optimum implementation with non belligerent Palestinian leadership and PR (hasbara) before the international community of the reasons that this is the best path to peace by a joint hasbara committee whose membership includes both Israelis and Palestinians who are highly supportive of the idea.

If so, and if Palestinian leadership is suspect in it's ability to leave behind it's love of terror, then how could this work?

National level political leaders of the PLO have been corrupt and or bloodthirsty.  But many communal leaders have worked peacefully with Israel from the start.  Therefore a group of mayors from small towns are most likely to be an example of a resource pool for such a committee of politicians committed to true peace more than hope that anyone in the Palestinian pseudo parliament could be counted on.

At the communal level, politicians are concerned primarily with job opportunities and city services, so even a wicked person in such a post is inherently used to doing what's best for people. At the national level, personal character traits and weaknesses can make or break a politician. This is true for any democracy. Only I hope the Palestinians in Judea, Samaria (the West Bank) and Gaza will benefit from a true democracy, not the fledgling terror state in the making that their national leaders are trying to form. Allowing them to join their cousins in Israel as a part of a true democracy would be a better kindness than forcing them to be under the rule of terrorists.

What is true democracy? I am writing to you today from New England on this anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, I can tell you that the Palestinians are not currently on the path to one. Voting for despots has nothing whatever to do with liberty and justice for all. The ability to elect and peacefully remove if necessary representatives that aid you in delivering good to your family is the foundation of liberty. The Palestinians do not have that. The Oslo accords cannot deliver that to them either. The longer they follow that path, the hand of terrorists is strengthened because they "tried the path to peace and it didn't work." Replacing the false path to peace with one that can actually work, is the only way to do it and the sooner the better.

What is hasbara ad for the current false path to peace, "Palestinians, you get to democratically choose which terrorist organization should rule over you.This is your Hell, enjoy it. Meanwhile we will enjoy the best democracy in the Middle East, please don't be jealous." What is the hasbara ad for a united State of Israel. "This is our taste of Heaven, let us share and enjoy it together."  May it soon be so, by the grace of God.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stop the Cycle of Violence

Peacemaking with unrepentant terrorists is a prelude for more terror in the future. The goal of Hamas is not peace, despite what those who would speak for them are trying to sell. Therefore what happens when you strengthen a Hamas run enclave is you are strengthening a mass network of terror cells, conveniently disconnected from their political wing, enough to fool only diplomats from the UN who are trained to ignore reality within countries for the sake of "world peace", but not enough to convince anyone else, not even children.

Every time the IDF withdraws from conflict with Hamas rather than simply ending their reign, it is like a request for more violence in the future. The ending of Hamas' rule can be done without the violence you may think it would take. If negotiations of IDF supremacy in all land West of the River Jordan would replace further capitulation to terror. If against those who would offer armed resistance, patient siege of targeted structures replaces bullets from Gun Ships.

You can't make peace with a lynch mob by giving them rope, and yet that is what what is being done every time someone tries to resurrect the ghost of the Oslo Accords. To empower a leadership that believe that civilians are legitimate targets, to give firewood to pyromaniacs and guns to terrorists. Would you give firewood and matches to a pyro? Then why give strategic land and guns to terrorists?

When you dilute truth, justice and peace for the sake of pacifying other nations, does that help you keep your people safe from terror? To reverse the trend, the Knesset would have to look truly at the situation, pursue justice and only then could peace flourish, as it is written, "These are the matters that you shall do, speak truth each man with his fellow and a judgement of peace you shall judge in your gates. And let man not plan evil in your hearts against your fellow, and a false oath do not love, for all of these I hate, saith the Lord." (Zachariah 8:15 & 16)  "...And a false oath do not love..." That is what the Oslo Accords have become, a nullified treaty now yes, but wrong minded from the start, based on not seeing Hamas for who and what they truly are and the inherent inability for Fatah to permanently part ways with terror. Therefore from the start it was always a false oath on the PLO's side for they knew what they planned to do and not do. An accord that in it's wake dropped two decades of terror on the nation.

Apparently, ignoring the Word of God is a source of bad luck, especially in the Holy Land.

Does the Knesset still want to keep that status quo going?  May it soon awake from that nightmare as soon as possible, in a good way, by the grace of God.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

End the Red Tape to Prevent Terror

The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, expressed concern over the Israeli arrest operations in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), as Israel continued to conduct an urgent search to save three kidnapped youths. At first I could not react to this as I felt it was inappropriate to be political at a time of danger to human life. Further the level of frustration I feel at even thinking about this is painful for another reason.  I feel that the flaws of the Oslo accords are haunting us in this. That only because in an effort to win favor with terrorists, cities of refuge for terror were enshrined into administrative policy in Judea and Samaria so that today we find that the apparatus to immediately end the kidnapping in a good way does not exist. Something is wrong with security when you have to practically rely on miracles for the safety of your citizens.

In addition to the danger to the kids lives created by these cities of refuge that the Knesset signed off on, what about the reaction of the UN to this?  Was this unexpected? No one with any familiarity of current trends at the UN would not expect this reaction. But rather than commenting on the injustice from the UN or quoting all the details of the story, I did want to point out that this horrible situation is an illustration of how failing to annex the territories is creating perpetual opportunities for the world to complain about urgently needed police action. It is constant Hasbara in reverse. A PR nightmare just waiting to happen every time the Palestinian Authority is unable or unwilling to resolve the situation. This situation also shows that the promises made by Labor, Kadima and Likud that we could give land and have security is just not true. If a treaty was ratified before the international community that the land the Palestinians govern for Israel actually belongs to them, would a future situation like this where Israel felt they must follow through in hot pursuit of a potential security breach create worse reactions or less reactions from the international community? Need I even comment on it?

There can only be the IDF in charge of all the security West of the River Jordan. The boys would likely already have been found if nests of hiding places from the IDF were not created by restricting their ability to travel freely for the sake of security.  Imagine being the parents of one of those boys, knowing this would have been happily over already if the IDF had free reign to protect the people of Israel from kidnappers. Imagine what the parents of a different group of teens would say if this, Heaven forbid, would occur again?  They would say to the Knesset. 'You knew! You knew and still you did not protect us!'

And now with Hamas in tow, does anyone seriously believe things with the PA will be getting better anytime soon? Remove the PA from power so that all people, Jew and Arab alike may live in peace and security West of the River Jordan. A safe plan of annexation like the Everyone Wins peace plan could ease the transition without further risks to the right or the left.  Then the government will be able to say, we have done our job, we have protected our people.  May it soon be so, by the grace of God.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Kulam Marvichim - Everyone Wins

God blessed me to compose the Everyone Wins Peace plan 6 years ago. With the impasse due to the Fatah-Hamas alliance, I thought it appropriate to restate the best alternative to the diplomatic initiatives that brought us to this stalemate. How do you avoid a stalemate when negotiating with terrorists and their sympathizers?

The "Everyone Wins" Peace Plan requires the tying of West Bank/Gaza Arabic naturalization rates to the immigration rates of foreign born Jews. Whereas previous one state solutions called for relocating masses of people, this plan calls for no segregation whatsoever. Nobody has to give up their homes, neither Jews nor Arabs. Palestinians slowly but surely become complete Israelis without overwhelming the Israeli economy and infrastructure.

That means democracy without tyrannical leaders for the Arabs. Improved economic opportunity for Arabs without the need for any new infrastructure to power it.  And, of course, peace for Israel.

To get there we need to stop trying to negotiate with terrorists in an effort to abandon the land that God gave us. What's so terrible about that?

Unilateralism such as this would bypass most multilateral negotiations, true. But isn't that the same thing that occurs when you buy your friend a present? If the gift is a good thing, does the friend hold it against you that he had no choice in the matter? That's the whole point of a surprise present isn't it? 

Whereas trying to force a wolf into a sheepskin is risking real human lives for a plan that cannot succeed. Oslo, the Quartet, Labor, Kadima, Likud have all followed that path to no avail.

Dedicating policy towards multilateral-ism at all costs, brings high cost in it's wake. Focusing on the goals of true peace and justice for all is the path to true peace. You can't do that with terrorists, but you can do that with people.

May it soon be so, by the grace of God.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pursue True Independence

If the international community is weak towards Russian violations of international borders, then that should be a wake up call to anyone still naive enough to believe international pressure will keep peace with a Palestinian country and Israel.  And if the world tries to force Russia to the point of armed conflict, would that be a path of peace either?

UN peacekeepers? Their main offensive threat is how fast they can flee from a conflict. Their main purpose to protect media.  Do they regulate any media bias? No. Freedom to slander and not help is all that UN peacekeepers would do, not because the soldiers are not brave, but the poor policy is so entrenched to the point that it blocks the good they could do.

The only way to have peace between Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land is if one army is in control, not two opposing forces established to enshrine a perpetual state of war. History has shown us that army must be Israel's.  The only way for an army to function is to have complete control not international observers to violence and political roadblocks to keeping the peace.

You may expect Russia to now take Israel's side and say that Israel must be able to have military control so that there can be true peace. But the opposite is likely the case. The world leading nations have conflicting agendas. To meet all of those agendas simultaneously would negate logic, common sense, sanity and security for Israel. Therefore the only solution for Israel is to recognize it's own needs and take care of them itself. It can no longer live the life of its foreign policy vicariously through the eyes of the governments of nations of the world. It should turn it's eyes to Heaven, and fulfill all that is right in the eyes of Heaven. Included in that is the concept of self preservation and the pursuit of true and lasting peace, not the chaotic and conflicting and consequently hypocritical whims of the governments of the nations of the world.

Do not empower your enemies any more. Empower your true independence from them. The independence that was yearned for and yet from 1948 until today still has not been the main foreign policy of the State of Israel. "A Place Among the Nations" is the title of a book you wrote Prime Minister Netanyahu. But a place independent from the nations is that which your people need. 

May it soon be so, by the grace of G-d.