Monday, January 31, 2011

As Egypt Shakes, It Is Time for Knesset to Reconsider

If Egypt becomes an unstable "partner" in peace, following the current crisis there, the Netanyahu Administration will surely be compelled to reevaluate risk assessments that underlie the current foundations of peace making in the Middle East.  The mere threat of a radicalization in Egypt, however, should serve as a reminder that, being extra cautious over forsaking strategic land for paper treaties, is at the most rudimentary level of common sense.

Any two state solution is a peace plan that ultimately places peace in the hands of external forces within other countries.  If all of those countries were as stable and healthy as the United States and Canada, then perhaps the path of current foreign policy would meet the test of common sense.  But totalitarianism and terroristic jihad are a threat that literally threatens nearly every country in the Middle East outside of Israel's borders.  That means, that to deny innocent members of the Palestinians in the territories even a remote possibility to naturalize into the State of Israel, is to subject them to political chaos in the place of realistic democratic choice and hope.

Supporters of a two state solution are not doing the Palestinian people a favor.  Detractors of a one state solution are assaulting the Palestinians' best avenue for realistic hope of living the democratic dream. By allowing the beneficent, best and brightest of the Palestinian people to join the ranks of their cousins within the State of Israel, the nation would be enriched, and those people saved from the fires of political chaos that roam beyond the border of the State of Israel, by the grace of God.

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