Monday, July 6, 2015

The Racism of a Two State Solution

Rabbi Kahane wanted to offer Arabs money to relocate from Israel and was called a racist. What then do you call those who want to relocate Jews from Judea and Samaria, the land of their forefathers, without compensation? Jews not being welcomed to remain in their homes under a proposed Fatah ruled West Bank. A true definition of apartheid, yet perhaps because it's against Jews, not enough people are speaking of it.

President Obama is mocking the memory of activists from the Civil Rights Movement.
  • 1900-54 White Democrats attempt to legalize discrimination against African Americans via Segregation in USA schools.
  • 2008-2015 An African American Democrat President attempts to encourage discrimination against Jews in the Holy Land via Segregation within said Holy Land so Arabs who never had a country there can make a country where Jews are not welcome in the very land of their forefathers. 

Attempts to make a One State Solution are falsely labeled apartheid, even if they are the antithesis.

Obama is acting like a White Democrat clone out of the 1950s, not a thinking person able to think beyond the party line. I expected more from him. Who would not.

People like Martin Luther King were not just activists but also humanitarians. They worked for the betterment of mankind, based on objective God given standards and not an arrogant agenda based solely on where they personally felt mankind needed to go. Why is this trait lacking from the White House?

God gave the Holy Land to the Jews, so let them live there in peace. Stop supporting lies against them and against the Zionist project. Because the policy of anti Zionism is apartheid and therefore anti Zionism is based in racism.

To give you a better understanding of the foundations to my perspective, I'm now in my second marriage. In my first, I was married to an Orthodox Jewish woman who happened to be African American. For the first two and half years of my life as a married man my expectation in my fulfilling the commandment of being fruitful and multiplying would be to create, in all likelihood, beautiful black Jewish babies. Unfortunately that marriage did not work out, but it still had a profound impact upon me. It also provided me with personal experience of the real world difference between racism and the absence of racism.

President Obama's current policy for Israel of a Two State solution is a racist policy. If it did not start that way, it has become so.  He needs to stand down from his current path or go down in history as a symbol of hypocrisy in governance and moral equivalence.

MAYBE a couple decades ago you could get away with supporting a Two State solution. But when not only Hamas but even Fatah intends to not allow Jewish freedom in a proposed Palestinian State or even recognize Jews in a state of their own, an imbalance against the Jews exists.  Separating my backyard from my neighbors is not racism. Segregating half of my neighbor's backyard into a backyard for me and for him, only for my benefit, is Apartheid. That is what is being suggested against the Jews of Judea and Samaria. The leaders of Israel need to accept this and incorporate it into their policy if they have not yet done so.

Obama would likely be called a racist by the time honored standards held dear to civil rights activists 65 years ago. But this need not be his legacy, he can still back off and return to the fold. May it soon be so, by the grace of God.

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