Sunday, March 23, 2008

How the Palestinians Can Redeem Themselves

The recent revelation of the Palestinian mindset changing from a silent majority of peace loving Arabs held hostage in a cycle of conflict with Israel by an internal radical terrorist fringe, into an all out terror worshiping nation had its roots in four major blunders. Many world leaders are turning a blind eye or trying to ignore this by other means, and therefore they have no hope to pinpoint these issues. The better international leaders, such as President Bush, are aware of the problems, but they have bigger issues demanding their priority, and so a full review of these issues never gets added to the sum of what Western Foreign Policy should be in the Middle-East. But I have the luxury of speaking of Utopian ideals, so I intend to, and hope that others will do likewise.

My one goal in this blog is merely to guide a discussion in methods to seek a fair and conclusive end to violence and fulfill International Law without treading upon the Religious Freedom of the Jewish People.

The Lord has said in the Book of Ezekiel (Chapters 18 & 33) that He desires not the death of the wicked and therefore I wish to present a road map for the Palestinians whereby they may regain hope of peace without forcing Israel to impose upon them a Kahane-esque plan of relocating them... (which would at least be better than slaughtering them en masse in an all out war. ...God, International Law and I do not like that genocide stuff...)

Someone with the courage to stand tall to opposition needs to speak up or else someone who is sufficiently insignificant enough to not get any opposition needs to speak up. I am such a man. Such a person would be willing to face the plain truth of things and offer a solution to avoid the end which the incredibly poor choices and actions of the Palestinians currently beg for.

The Four Deadly Palestinian Sins:
  1. Bloodshed (Either you desire to be a member of civilization or you worship death. There is no middle course.)
  2. Deceit (Why do they keep pretending that Jews don't have a 3500 year history in the Holy Land. They lie about blatant historical and archeological facts. Are they subconsciously admitting the Jews have more rights to the land? Why else would they try to haggle basic truths? Fast talkers try to make a sale. To a fast talker, truth is but the illusion that the buyers purchase, not a reality unto itself as truth truly is. ...This is the reason that makes it impossible to trust Jewish religious sites to the Palestinian Authority. The beginning of confidence gaining is the cessation of deception.)
  3. Ingratitude (No matter how much Israel or the West gives, there is only mentioned what the Palestinians currently do not have. This leads to a fixation on only their own agenda, and makes negotiations near impossible. As negotiations lead to peace, this makes peace deals difficult. Further you cannot expect peace loving TV and other Media programming when the public perception and preferred entertainment is for hate-programming like kids shows that talk about the glory of homicide martyrdom instead of interracial groups of kids singing about how they love to play together, etc.)
  4. Undemocratic (Try voting smarter, like for a democratic party, not a terrorist group. If tired of Fatah corruption, third way parties such as the one lead by Hanan Ashrawi are better alternatives than voting for Hamas which is essentially a declaration of war.)
Only by addressing these major moral issues within their national psyche can the Palestinian Arabs have hope to regain their lost right of a homeland. A right lost by the weight of their own transgressions. Of course they never had a right to have that homeland with Jerusalem as their capital but that is a discussion best left for another blog-post on another day.

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