Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Palestinians Choose Violence Over Peace

As Reported in the Jerusalem Post, according to a NY Times Poll, 84% of Palestinians approve of the slaughter of the innocent, peace loving youths at the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva.

(Photo: Yehuda Boltshauser, Israel National News)

While one should not hastily decide the fate of an entire people based on the results of a single poll, the horror of recent times and the collective body of evidence points to one thing, the fact that the dream of Palestinian Statehood West of the Jordan has come to an end. It is a dream I must confess that I too dreamt. Imagine… Israel performing charity that no nation would have seriously even considered attempting… ( …for themselves… even though they have tried to force it down Israel’s throat). Only in an act of pure kindness and charity could Israel hope to give up an inch of God’s Land without desecrating His Holy Name. Yet, every government involved in the peace processes over the years has fought against spirituality. Fought against kindness for its own sake; fought against fair homage to the Faith and history of Israel, for they, and the faithless leaders of Israel included, had no respect for any of it. Instead new morals were created. A hodgepodge synthesis of their best estimation of what fair play is under these circumstances or that.

Who has cursed the Palestinians even as Israel and the West has tried to aid them? What is the culprit of the fall of the Palestinian Dream? Nothing other than their own lack of morality! Palestinians have proven themselves willing to ignore any evil they do, and in fact, now they rejoice over the evil they do. They are willing to ignore any good Israel does. Since the 1970s they followed Arafat’s bad advice and rejected Israel’s offered hand of friendship. And the moment President Bush grants them $150 million even as the USA suffers a national financial set back, the Palestinians go completely barbaric in their near unanimous joyful support for the slaughter of the innocent. No respect for their benefactors, beginning with the Almighty, and not a drop of gratitude for anyone. They have collectively forsaken both common decency and the rule of law, and therefore no nation can be expected to make peace with them.

They have proven that they do not understand the meaning of objective peace, nor of objective truth.

I said twenty years ago that Kahane was wrong, but the Palestinians have elected him to be right. But if twenty years ago Kahane was indeed wrong, he was not evil incarnate. The failed leaders of Labor and Kadima branded Kahane an anti-messiah, and the arch-terrorist Arafat a man of peace. Twenty years of lies as foreign policy later, Olmert, Sharon, Rabin, Barak and Peres all seem cruelly detached from reality and the needs of both peoples involved. I cannot blame the American Presidents involved when the leaders on the scene were so perversely wrong.

Twenty years ago most people thought Meir Kahane’s plans were racist. Now they seem more compassionate than the legacy of continual violence and death that the Oslo accords have brought us. Kahane wanted to pay money to Palestinians to relocate abroad. How many lives on both sides, especially among the Palestinians, would have been saved had we listened to him?

Who advocates for the Gypsies of Europe? Who mourns the divided Kurds of Mesopotamia? How then shall any person or nation continue to hold high the goblet of Palestinian Arabic independence in the face of their dastard inhumanity? To reward a nation such as this with a state at this point in time would be to perpetuate all that is wrong in International Politics today.

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