Thursday, March 26, 2015

Internal and External Threats to Israel from Current Obama Administration Initiatives

There are two Obama Administration Initiatives that involve Israeli National Security that are a danger to the State of Israel. I want to offer ideas for alternative policy by discussing the Internal threat of Supporting the Palestinian Authority in making a Two State "solution" to the conflict.  Also, the external threat of empowering Iran's nuclear program against the counsel of Israel's leaders.

Internal Threat: Palestinian Statehood

The failure to reject a Two State Solution with the terror loving Palestinian Authority has put fuel on the fire for the political oppression by the Obama Administration against the Likud led government the past month. They find extreme leftist statements from left wing American organizations and they repeat it as mantra, trying to embarrass Likud out of wise policy.  Likud will not support statehood with an actively terror loving Palestinian Authority.  And that is the weak link.  Because Likud is willing to support statehood with the leopard if it puts a blanket on it's spots, not if it changes them, all this harassment the past month has come about.

I'm not trying to blame the victim. I'm trying to instruct the abused on how to end the abuse and not be subject to it anymore.

Standing on a fence does not afford defense, only by being on one side of it is there protection. Well in this case, there is a mad dog on one side, waiting to commit terror. So, only one solution to find shelter, climb down onto the correct side of the fence. The side of the fence where, whether the dog is mad or not. Whether the dog is mad a month from now or a year from now or ten years from now. Be on the right side of the fence and you are safe.

The VERY argument Bibi has used to warn against Iran, is the VERY reason, Israel MUST give up a Two State solution. If you do not prevent terror ten years from now, it's not a good deal.  With a pseudo government dedicated to educating their children to hate Jews, who live a mere 20 meters over the security fence, in some cases, there can never be a deal. Even if Hamas packed up and moved away, and even if Abbas agreed to every stipulation Likud ever requested.  If his words say Jewish state and his intention is another generation of terror, you still can't take that deal.

Peace should end war, not be a prelude to a next war. There can be no peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority because that is not their goal. EVER.

Rather, Israel and the USA must focus on improving the lives of Palestinian Arabs, within a united State of Israel. Democracy, economic opportunity, and peace. It all begins by filtering out terrorists, and certainly not giving them strategic parcels of land. You can't share land with terrorists, but you can with people.

For further details on this path to true peace, you can read about my Everyone Wins peace plan on this blog.

External Threat: Iranian Nukes

Remember President Kennedy's reaction to the Cuban Missile Crisis? Why was it such a cause for American ire? What happened to the idea of a Democratic President who loves peace?  Besides evil intent of the USSR, Cuba was on the United States' doorstep and who wants nukes on their doorstep?  Iran is similarly in much closer proximity to Israel than to the United States. It is on Israel's doorstep and it is only normal for Israel to be more concerned about how it is dealt with. Why would Kennedy be so tough? Why did he not try out the "let bygones be bygones" approach of Obama and Kerry?

If Obama and Kerry spoke about the Cuban Crisis back then, with the current mindset from the Administration, Obama would have criticized Kennedy for being a warmonger and demand that he recall the navy immediately. But would either have helped America in that dark hour, by following the philosophies behind this policy at a time when realism is urgently needed? Should a school bus driver drink alcohol while he is driving kids? Should Obama follow left wing dreams in this crucial moment in American and Middle East history?

Prime Minister Netanyahu delineated a plan of action, of very tough sanctions, and that plan was followed and it worked, it brought Iran to the negotiation table, which prevented war.  Prime Minister Netanyahu delineated a subsequent plan of action and has warned that deviation will strengthen the danger, not end it.

Obama and Kerry have removed their sticks and have apparently brought loads of carrots with them to the negotiation table. Congress, not just Israel, have rejected this path of negotiation, with this kind of regime in Iran. If a democratic choice, the President is out numbered on this one.

Yet suppose the fantasy for a moment that the President was somehow correct in his plan? Why then has he not tried to sell it better to Israel or Congress, but instead chose to pick a fight over Israel's internal issues? ...Remember how close was the USA to war with the USSR in the waters of Cuba...  Think about how close, will failure to assuage Israeli fears, drive our friends to the brink of war with Iran, even if our Executive branch is calm about the whole affair. Israel will not attack unless they feel threatened. And, news flash, they already do. Bibi has been saying in other words, be tough with Iran for the sake of Peace. But Obama has not listened.

If Israel bombs Iran and Iran counter attacks, it will be because of what we failed to do to prevent this Israeli version of a Cuban Missile Crisis from escalating. Because it is also against the advice of Congress, the onus is more fully on the shoulders of the Obama Administration. Does the phrase "No More War" have any meaning to the Democrats any more?

"As streams of water is the heart of kings in the hand of God, unto all that He desires, He leads it." (Proverbs 21) May God thwart the evil plans of His people's enemies in Iran and wherever they may be. May God's wisdom impress the Obama Administration with the right paths and may they follow those new paths immediately. May it very soon be so, by the grace of God.

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