Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Iran Deal Obama Should Make

PM Binyamin Netanyahu's historic address to congress today has been delivered. The reaction to the speech by the White House was difficult to understand, saying that no alternative was suggested. I'll translate the PM's speech for the White House if they are having a hard time understanding English.  Perhaps if the Prime Minister spoke in Hebrew or to simplify matters, in Persian, they would take the time to pull out all of the diplomatic measures it took to analyze exactly what was said in today's speech as requested by a senior member of this nation's government, Speaker John Boehner.

Bibi said the USA should demand 3 things, signs of commitment to peace and nuclear responsibility by Iran and implied the solution on how to get it. Perhaps out of deference to the President, he did this with circumspection.  But I will say it explicitly to remove a false excuse from the White House for pursuing a policy that endangers what is left of the free world that has tolerated the plague of state sponsored terrorism for far too long.  The Prime Minister said, in other words, be tough in your negotiations President Obama, and don't fall for it if Iran says that they will leave negotiations if you remain tough.  The reason the White House rejected Bibi's speech today as offering no solutions, is because it did not want to hear the truth that their personal philosophy to bend over backward to please despots has put them on a path to do that which is dangerous to America, to Israel, and to the free world.

So that is my take on what Bibi said and that President Obama seems to not want to hear. But I would go farther than Bibi said with the following.  You remember that graph Bibi showed at AIPAC yesterday?  How many countries has Iran sent terrorist operatives to perform terrorist attacks in? More than a dozen.  So I would say to the White House if they are listening. Fellows, wake up, Iran is at war with the world. The only question is if this war goes nuclear before the evil power is defeated.  So with a totalitarian regime at war with the World, history and specifically American military history has shown an effective method to win such a war. Unconditional surrender of the enemy. Demand nothing less. If you only stop Iran nukes but leave the terror network in place, you have still failed to live up to the lessons taught by America's own Greatest Generation in the face of an evil totalitarian regime bent on global domination of it's twisted philosophy.

For this reason we cannot  allow our own mistaken ideas to lead us astray. If even a person without strong moral fiber sees a child in danger, do they remain in their perversions or try to save the kid?  Certainly for diplomats on the caliber of the members of this White House, should we expect anything less? Possibly, if we allow distractions from the dangers, but impossible, if we realize the danger. So don't attack the prophet; listen and save the people whom you could help, those that Almighty God has entrusted you to help. May it soon be so, by the grace of God.

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