Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Definition of True Peace: Truth

When someone criticizes the way peace talks are held, some reports call this "opposing Peace" or "creating an obstacle to peace". This method of journalism is best defined as the LIE method. A peace process does not always equate with peace, and in the Middle-East, it usually does not.

The difference at this juncture in history, as opposed to prior to 9/11/01, is that the reason is becoming more and more clear. And the lack of a solution is becoming more and more connected to the lack of a will to listen to opposing views by Western diplomats. No, it's not wrong to not give in to terrorists. It is not wrong to kill them before they can get you. That part is good. The problem is that they are so focused on killing flies, while our leaders are leaving the screen door open, that the problem is just going to get worse, no matter how hard they swat at the flies.

You got to take out the trash or close the door, and stop thinking and working in half measures.

If you want to end the continual growth of terrorism and new terror cells, either you have to crush every terror cell in the world with your armed forces, or you need to strengthen the hand of anti terror forces within the Islamic religion by proving that their faith is not at risk. Why do our leaders not understand that Islam feels that we are at a cultural war with them? The threat to Islam is not perceived as the financial benefits of Globalization. Muslims are not idiots, they can see how they can make money from capitalism too. No it's not an 11th Century mindset of fear of the West, or even anger over cultural erosion. It's when the culture is allowed to grow, but religion is not given an equal footing. It's when it APPEARS that children will become more excited at a glimpse of someone dressed up as a burger selling clown than the sight of other children dressed up as angels at a school play.

By being in the face of Muslims and telling them, eat our products and surrender your souls, we are perpetuating the main root cause of anti-Western sentiment out of Islam. Only by being diligent about supporting Freedom of Religion as a Jus Cogens can there be an easing of Islamic fears that future pilgrimages to Mecca may turn out to be more interested for hedonistic fine dining than for religious purposes. This is a core fear at the spiritually reckless onslaught of an unfeeling West.

Now this concept, if it became a worldwide norm, would mean that Muslims would have to allow Jews to rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem. Wouldn't that be a problem? Not like the current situation. If Muslims knew that Mecca and Medina were safe forever, they would be willing to even forsake Jerusalem (once again) to protect what is theirs. As the prophet forecasts, "And I will bring them, and they shall dwell in the midst of Jerusalem; and they shall be My people, and I will be their God, in truth and in righteousness. ...even the temple, that it might be built. " (Zechariah 8.8)

The foundation of the support for the terror will have been removed once Islam can trust Western justice is fair for all. As the prophet continues in that same chapter, "execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates" (Zechariah 8.16)

The lack of peace in the Middle-East stems from a lack of objective truth. Whether by Word of God, or by International Law, as long as an objective standard of truth is incorporated into the cultural mindset of the peace process, the peace process can hope to be successful. But if the leaders fool around with the truth until it comes out more in their own favor, they end up fooling themselves and apparently many journalists around the world, that we are one step closer to peace with each unjust concession and with each insincere declaration. If it is impossible to ascertain the whole truth of the matter, it is impossible for the matter to lead to peace.

Whether the standard used is sectarian or non-sectarian, until there is more objective truth in the Middle-East, there will be no true peace. To either dishonor God, or to risk human life for such a fake peace, no good person should accept without protest. Lovers of peace must practice zeal for truth, otherwise things are only going to get worse. Yet if objective truth is recaptured as the medium for peace talks, true peace and hope can return once more to the Middle-East and to the entire world.

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