Thursday, December 13, 2007

Temple Mount Is the Holiest Site in Judaism

The entire Temple Mount, not just the Western Wall, is, in fact, the holiest site in Judaism. From a Jewish religious perspective, the Temple Mount is the Center of Jerusalem and the religion of Judaism itself, and not just a historic place in East Jerusalem. The Israeli government's website ignores this and calls the Western Wall alone the holiest Jewish site on earth. The Mount behind the Wall is even holier than the Wall to Judaism. The concept of a "holy of holies", comes from the Jewish description of the site that is currently occupied by the Dome of the Rock. Jews are connected to God through that site, and that is why we pray towards it, no matter what part of the world we are in.

What would an Israeli governmental official say as a mitigating factor to the lie that it is telling against the holiest site in Judaism? That the government is a secular body and cannot be expected to have to get involved in determining precise religious practices of any religion in the State of Israel? Then how dare the Olmert Administration take the responsibility upon its shoulders to attempt to alter free access to the most important of Jewish religious holy sites? Either the government is separate from religion, or it is not.

By suggesting the surrender of Judaism's holiest site, when it refuses to hear arguments to keep the Temple Mount in Jewish possession, the Olmert Administration is discriminating against a Human Right of the Jewish people, their Freedom of Religion. Political expediency is no excuse for a lie perpetrated against the main religious truth of the main religion of the very country the Knesset is supposed to represent. Neither is political expediency an excuse for the allies of the State of Israel to join in with the immoral and illegal maneuver of the Olmert Administration.

Perhaps that is why the governments of Israel and the USA tolerate all those jihadist television programs that the Palestinians make for their children, using our tax dollars to raise a new generation of terrorist murders out of cute little kids. Since it is in vogue to perpetrate lies against Jews and Christians who support a Jewish possession of the Temple Mount, it is only fair to then evenhandedly lie to some Islamic people as well. The cost of blood and dollars is minimal, perhaps, to people with such a mindset. The main thing is to go down in history as the ones who made the biggest peace deal ever. That is its own reward and idol.

True peace too has gotten in the way of the runaway train that is taking the governments of two great countries for a ride straight to the gates of hell, both figuratively and literally.

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