Monday, December 10, 2007

Judaism and Jewish National Loyalty

Due to a lot of confusion out there in regards to the role of a Jew in exile, there is a need to be specific about what should otherwise be considered obvious. An American Jew is and should be loyal to America first before the State of Israel; the same goes from each Jew of whichever particular nation he lives in. As the Talmud phrases it: "The Law of the Land (you dwell in) is the Law." If a Jew finds this concept confusing he should move to Israel. Because God dispersed his people throughout the world to spread His Glory, not to desecrate it by disloyalty to their homeland or any other sinful pursuits. A truly religious American Jew should place America before Israel if he wants to remain truly religious.

A Jew's connection to the people of Israel and the Holy Land, however, is connected to their religious beliefs as well. The focus of their prayers is directed to Jerusalem. Charity is raised throughout the world for Israeli charities. However, according to Talmudic law, the charitable causes of one's hometown takes precedence over charitable causes elsewhere, except in times of extreme danger or disaster. This is just another indication that a Jew's loyalty must start at home, and a Jew's home is the land that the Lord has caused the Jew to dwell in.

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